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New Heads In Luts My Choice!!

Apr 9, 2007

    1. :? Eh?
      They aren't there right now...not that I can see....
      Their sleeping heads have been put up as option parts, but no Shushu/Ruth in sight on the My Choice page. :huh?:
      Were they there for a while, then taken down? Or was it just announced in a popup I'm missing somewhere? *is confused*
    2. They were definitely there at some point, but for some reason have been removed. Maybe they accidentally uploaded an old image? *shrug* I know that sometimes happens to me -- especially if their names are similar in the directory. X3
    3. They came back ......

      Ruth and Shu shu are back as part of the My Choice ..... YAY !!

      Although the written description doesn't include them. Go figure ...