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New heads on your doll: do you feel disconnected?

Mar 5, 2011

    1. We all have our favorite sculpts for both body and heads, although I know a lot of people that have (or like to) "swap" bodies and head on their dolls. I'm considering doing this for one of my dollies, but I do have a question in the back of my mind that I feel compelled to ask anyone that has done this.

      When you switch out the head of your doll, do you feel slightly disconnected to it for a while? Does it take some time to warm up to your doll again just because he/she has a new head or face?
    2. Yeah, I've felt exactly that. For a while I was swapping heads between two bodies, but then I eventually decided to get another body. It was really for a practical reason...the two heads are not the same size so I had to take a moment after every swap to readjust to the proportions.

      Though there are other times when I'll forget which head head is having a turn. ^^

      Swapping heads is a good idea to cut costs and save space. Although I have enough bodies now, I definitely do think swapping has its own conveniences.
    3. When you switch out the head of your doll, do you feel slightly disconnected to it for a while?
      Does it take some time to warm up to your doll again just because he/she has a new head or face?

      I have five floating heads that share my Mano's body all the time, and I don't feel any sort of disconnection
      at any point in the process. My Mano is still my favorite doll thus far (even though I hate to admit it), I never
      feel any kind of detachment when I switch his head for any of the other five – I do wish I had more bodies,
      but it all has to do with aesthetics, not with the bond with my doll being altered by the process in any way . (:

      - Enzyme
    4. I get what you guys are saying. I don't have any other heads TO swap, but I thought that if I did, the doll would feel more like a different one. I suppose you can be 'attached' to either the body or the head, or the doll as a whole. This is why I though that perhaps switching out parts might make it feel different.
    5. For me what makes the doll an individual is the head, so if I change the head it's a different doll. The one exception to that is if I'm reshelling a character, but even then it still will only have one head. It's difficult for me to enjoy and interact with a floating head, so I vastly prefer each head to have it's own body.
    6. That's why I'm worried about putting a new head on my doll. I too feel that the personality is more in the head than it is in the body. New face ups don't really affect the head itself. It's like a person with a makeover, it's still them but with a new look.
      With that thought in mind I'm still hesitant to slap a new head on my girl, even if the current head is a little...worse for the wear. :(
    7. I have two floating heads sharing the bodies of my other two boys. Mostly, I feel I can live with it. Otherwise my poor boys won't get any camera time at all! The only thing that bothers me about it is that my Soom CW does not match my Dollmore boy's special skin color (at all!), so I have to take care that the mismatch can't be seen. Or edit the heck outta the photos.
    8. I stuck my face-up practice head on Milo's body the other day and showed him to my mother. Even though I gave him different eyes and hair, she was completely horrified since he was still wearing Milo's clothes... :sweat There was somehow something eerie about it, although I feel like there shouldn't be.
    9. As for me, I doesn't have heads for swapping, but when I change image of doll (I mean that I have changed all except head and body: face up, wig, clothes) I feel that it is completely different doll. Of cource she looks like past doll, just as one sister looks like another, but they are diffirent.

      I like it, because I need new impressions and dolls in one image make me boring.
    10. I can't interact with my floating heads until they have their own bodies, and I've never had one that could switch properly onto the bodies I have. But I can see how someone who has bodies from the same manufacturer and likes to do photostories with a large cast would be sensible to have extra heads for those bodies.
    11. For a while before I sorted out the lack-of-bodies problem by getting Myrddin (BW Dreaming Shiwoo) his own Fdoll body, Satin (BW Elf Chiwoo) and he would share the same type 1 BW Luts body, and I would have to change the outfit whenever I changed the heads because Myrddin and Satin have very different clothing styles and it looked utterly wrong to see Myrddin dressed up in Satin's 17th century finery - just as it looked wrong to see Satin slouching around in Satin's comfy overlarge grey sweater and faded jeans.

      I'm now reshelling Satin as a vampire Elf LuWen, and I suspect it'll take a little while to get used to the "new" Satin, even though I'll be redoing his original face-up on the new head. Then again the character has just gone through a major life-altering change, so it's right that this should affect him and how I feel about him.

      It'll take a while before he gets his own body again, so it'll be back to head-swapping for a bit again!
    12. For me, the doll's 'character' is based 99% in the head, so when I switch it out for another head, it becomes a completely new character. The only exception to this is if I am reshelling the character entirely in which I would sell the old head once I found the new one anyway (and as for this, yes it does take a little adjusting into realizing that this new doll is taking the place of the one I once had). I really detest body sharing among my boys as I'm a tad posessive about making them 'complete', so even when it was possible I still kept one of my heads floating for over a year until I was able to buy him a body of his own.
    13. I have more heads than bodies, so I often swap them out. But when I do, I do way more than just change the head. There's a new wig and eyes and new clothes, too. Since all of my clothes pretty much cover the entire body, the changeout doesn't lead to a disconnect at all. It's like a whole new doll, even if temporarily.

      However, when I swap out heads and, for whatever reason, am too busy to change the clothes too, I will come back to my dolls and be slightly thrown when, say, Silas is wearing Rawley's uniform or Laira is in one of Anneka's wigs. But once the clothes are swapped out, that feeling goes away.
    14. Got quite a few "floaters" here! Provided the body suits the head aesthetically, I don't feel a disconnect when I swap heads because, like a lot of others, I consider the head the most important part of the doll's character. For example, If I change from head A to head B, the doll (head & body) become head B's character.
    15. It depends. Some of my dolls have more than one head (two to three heads for one character idea, open eyed, dreaming, sleeping). I find it a good way to express different things with the same doll (character) without having to wipe a good face-up. Switching those heads doesn't make me feel there's something different or "wrong".

      If the body is customised to suit one head with for example tattoos, it would feel like it doesn't suit a different head, but I could cover up tattoos or pretend it's a popular tattoo that many people get in the same spot on their body. As long as it doesn't get too ridiculous it's okay, otherwise it kind of feels like the head is a body snatcher. ;)
      If the body does not distinguishly belong to one particular head, I need a moment to adjust and then's that.

      For a long time I've tried to give every head their own body, but space has become a limiting factor. I just can't get more whole dolls without becoming unhappy about the amount of space my collection consumes. So floating heads have to share now without getting a body of their own. In the past I wouldn't consider a doll complete until it got a body of its own. Now I have to get used to head swapping and get used to the idea that a floating head is no longer borrowing a body from a "completed doll", but is like a part-time completed doll.
      Any weird feelings are just in my head. ;)
    16. It depends if you're talking about floating heads sharing a body, or re-shelling. For floating heads, as long as the wig, outfit, etc., are character-appropriate, I don't feel disconnected at all. I'd prefer to have everybody with his or her own body, but that won't be possible for a while for me, and having floating heads share a body is a viable option.

      I've only re-shelled a couple of times, and while the first time it was a bit of an emotional wrench, the second time it went quite smoothly. The new sculpt just suited the character better, so once the wig and eyes were in place, the re-shelling was done.
    17. No. Two of my dolls were sharing a body lately, and a new character took over for some time. But the old one was loved the same way. I see their faces every day, I do not like the idea to taking somebody away in a box.
      But my rules are strict: 1 doll = 1 body. So the newcomer will get his body soon, I hope.