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New hujoodoll's 20cm-cchio

Jun 20, 2008

    1. hi,sorry if it has been asked before >_< I have some questions about Hujoo? What is ABS? and will the doll come with the box as in the picture? are they strung like bjd? or more like pullips? thx!
    2. Aren't these dolls listed as off topic here?
    3. The ABS ones are for sure, but she is resin as well as some other dolls they have in the BJD section of their site, so maybe they are ok? I rather like Boden.
    4. these are resin
      all the dolls on the" Boll Joint "section are resin dolls
      it was only the large head MiniHu that is not allowed here

      the minihu and this doll look to share the same style body and I can say they are stunning
      the resin is beautiful and the quality is lovely
      they also have very fast shipping
    5. Good to know Tinybear. Unfortunately the "off topic dolls" list doesn't have anything but the company in general on it, which is why I was confused. Hopefully they will allow these here.
    6. Sorry to bother all of you,but exactly what kind of material is ABS?
    7. ABS /is/ a plastic. However these particular dolls are resin. Hujoo (?) is plastic, I believe.