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New IMPLDOLL Baby Line:D

Nov 24, 2009

    1. They will also be released in white and realskin, and the colored resin is being transfered to their other sizes. Happy day, indeed.

      I curious on the interchangable ears though. Are the clipped on with the head cap or magnetic?
    2. Yes, am looking forward to these! Definitely have to have the blue one! Hard to tell about the ears - I am guessing magnet just from the look of the piece in the News thread. It seems like if they somehow had a clip held in place with the head cap, we'd see it in that sample. And it will be very interesting to see them done in some of the larger sizes!
    3. The translucent is scary but I love the colors! Esp the pink!
    4. Guh. *___* I am not a Tiny person, but... colors! *____*
    5. ...That blue skin is perfect for one of my characters.

    6. *-* I love the sort of pearly look the colors have in the pictures. They said they'd have the colors with the other sizes too! Exciting! There need to be more companies with colored resin.

      And their faces are so darling. *-* They'd make adorable little sprites and things.
      *wantwantwant* Whyyyyy don't I have more tiny characters??
    7. Colors!!! I wish they had lavender
    8. I love them. ^^ I can't wait to see how much they are and am defenetly looking forward to them.
    9. I don't understand why these people don't want me to keep any of my monies.
      I don't understand the see through hands either but hey, why not.
      Too cute. Now I just have to pick a color.
    10. I've been told they're like $145
    11. So, it's been confirmed that they're made of French Resin. :( Well, that's one fewer doll for the wishlist!
    12. For that price though...I don't mind.
    13. would the translucent parts be french resin too? I wonder if the white ones also have the translucent hands. Wonder if a Beyla head would fit........
    14. Magnetic ears.^^

    15. as Reine said, for that price I'll be loving just to watch the color change. Maybe I'll get green and she'll be chartreuse eventually.
    16. Impldoll does claim that their resin is resistant to yellowing. I haven't really noticed any change in my big doll so far, and he was sitting on the sofa for about a week. I'll have to dig his broken hands out of the drawer they're in and compare.
    17. Does anyone have their Impldoll baby yet? I ordered my Blue Jasper about six weeks ago but haven't heard anything yet.
      Looking forward to seeing some pictures from new owners.
    18. Well my blue baby Jasper arrived yesterday. It was good timing because it has been a shocker of a week ending in our air conditioner breaking down during a very very hot day! so when the postman knocked at the door It put a smile on my face.
      I knew straight away the Jasper wasn't a boy (even though he has the private parts to prove he is!) but I spent about two hours trying different wigs and outfits on before I felt happy. I picture her as a blue ocean faerie. I 'think' I might name her Anais although I 'm not sure yet.
      The only disappointing thing is that I have lost one of her ears already! the ears are held on by magnets but in my opinion are not that strong. I have searched high and low for the tiny tiny ear but so far no luck in finding it 'sigh'.
      She also came with the most awful eyes I have ever seen on a doll. Made her look like a total alien! so I pinched poor Cheese Mouse's blue eyes (which don't fit that well) and she looks slightly better.I'll be shopping for eyes very quickly!
      She is a good poser and compares well with my Littlefee in that area.
    19. I'm so glad to see someone took a chance on these little sweethearts!:D Yours is wonderful:D I'd love to see more! I do like that blond wig very much and the little dress is so cute. I'm sorry to hear the ear got away:( Since it is magnetic perhaps scouring the floor with something metal that would attract it might help. And then perhaps gluing the ears on would prevent any further issues, I mean if you had no intention of switching them out ever. But yes, bring on more pic spam! Love this little cutie:D