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**New ImpStar doll < Aaron > from IMPLDOLL**

Dec 2, 2009

    1. Hello

      This is impldoll

      we are happy to show you our new Impstar - Aaron.he will be sales starts from December.5th. your great support is our biggest motivity!

      We appreciate your love.:aheartbea

    2. WOW - he is handsom. Will he be made in a lighter NS color?
    3. I think this is the current WS, since their WS isn't "paper white" as other companies', but more "piky flash tone"... (their NS is almost Tan as I could see o-o )
    4. He made in white skin.you can choose the WS skin and NS skin.^^
    5. You was talking about making your NS colour lighter, so the skin matches
      the other companies better. It is not the white skin, I am after, but a lighter
      normal skincolour. Maybe a match with Soom's normal skin.
      Sorry, if I didn't make myself clear ;)
    6. As I said, their WS isn't as light as others, so it is close to the NS of some companies. IMPL NS is really dark, almost tan, I should say.
      if you go to the IMPL resin matching topic you can see it by yourself and clarify it better ^^
      Link-> http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=324221
    7. Hi~Yes,we want to make a pink NS skin in future.^^ .but we will continue to use the NS skin right now.:)
    8. Good news

      he has been start for sale.