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New Iplehouse Collection Dolls -Swan Lake-

Feb 7, 2008

    1. I didn't see a discussion thread for it, but it seems that Iplehouse is ready to release a new collection doll. :D


      The theme is 'Swan Lake' and it looks like Freezia has a new type 'Gentle' head. :D She looks really lovely. On the Iplehouse banner on the front page, there looks like there might be a 'Swan Lake' themed Gentle Soo Ri. But that is must my own speculation. :sweat
    2. Indeed! And heeeere he is:

      Prince Siegfried Soo Ri. <3

      *Zowie!* :love They show him with both the Gentle & Regular heads on, so he probably comes with both.

      And as the Black Swan Odile ("Ordeal" XDD), it's Light Cocori:

      Looks like they're introducing a sleepy Cocori head for the occasion, too. Fantastic! These folks never rest!

      But... the Engrish is really causing me pain. Coffee, all over my keyboard.

      "To propose a marriage to Odette, he invited her to the dancing party, but he mistook her for a charming Ordeal wearing black swine outfit, and finally proposed a marriage to Ordeal."

      *wheeze* I know, I know....Swine Lake.
      O, I die.

      I wonder who shall be the evil Sorcerer Rothbart? Mmmm.... no contest... Barron. Yeeeahhh. :drool
    3. I... am completely ded.


      HOOOOLYYYY ####!!

      Iple is stepping up. Oh, yes. That gentle Cocori has me pulling my hair out. XDDD
    4. I absolutely adore the Gentle Freezia head... I've been looking at it since they put the pictures up, she looks so amazing!

      Do we know when they will be released? I asked on the FAQ, but they're on holidays ^^

      Do you think the 30 dolls will sell out fast (minutes, hours)? I have no idea...
    5. Ahh I want the Freeza outfit :D. Freeza looks nice but I would rather have a Harin.
    6. Oh man, I really want Freezia now - she is so gorgeous! I hope she doesn't sell out too quickly.
    7. Oooo.......
      Both Gentle Soori and Freezia are stunning!
      I just hope I've got a little more cash in my hands........
    8. I want all their outfits! ;0; That gentle Cocori is stunning as Odile.
    9. I want a Gentle Cocori. :whee: So. Very. Much.

      I wonder if it'll ever be an optional head, as Soo-Ri's is?
    10. I want the Cocori set! Wooooow. O: I know I won't have the money before she's gone, but she's beautiful!
    11. I have never wanted a girl so much as I want that gentle Cocori. Oh man. I am such a sucker for the gentle heads. Why is Iplehouse intent on eating our souls?


      Does anyone have any plans on buying her? I don't think I'm going to be able to find the money... Maybe Iplehouse will release a basic Gentle Cocori, and we can all die happy. <3
    12. Oohh... So gorgeous. :D If I wasn't broke, I'd buy Soori. I love his prince clothes!
    13. I love Freezia, but Cocori is devine! My poor bank account is hurting... :(
    14. I just ordered Freezia!!

      oh my God!

      How come they were realeased during the holidays? (and at this Korean time?)
    15. Cocori is really beautiful. The theme is lovely too for all of them.
    16. Well, I couldn't resist. I ordered the Cocori. I only really like the Gentle one though (already have a regular Cocori after all), so that's the one I got makeup for. The wig is perfect too. Wonder if anyone would be interested in the full outfit? It's gorgeous, but I won't be needing it.

      I'm also really hoping that there's some tan body out there that will match Iple's light tan, so the normal-eyed head can have a body too.

      Darn Iplehouse and their lovely dolls, taking all my money!
    17. I don't think you'll have trouble selling her stock...it's really very desirable. Matching the tan resin exactly would be difficult since they vary from batch to batch...one has to get the batch produced by Iple at the time the head was made. I emailed Iple about this and that is what they wrote back. I think getting a body from another Iple resin batch is OK though, it just won't match exactly.

    18. I just saw that they're offering an optional body for those who buy her and want a body for the second head. Still curious if any other company has something that would work. Not very likely, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    19. under make-up choice, what do they mean by "Freezia + Gentle Freezia"? :huh?: