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New Iplehouse Elemental Guardian nYID Girl - Bianca

May 23, 2012

    1. Iplehouse has posted a teaser for a nYID girl in the Elemental Guardian Line:


      nYID Discussion
    2. Pictures and prices are up!
    3. This thread is being locked while the cyborg version of this doll is discussed by the moderation staff.
    4. The cyborg version of YID Bianca is off-topic because this doll doesn't meet all of the on-topic construction requirements, specifically;
      Must have a 2+ part head with changeable eyes - It must be possible to open the head to insert eyes.

      Bianca_Cyborg has a one part head and her eyes are non-removable. As dolls are considered on or off-topic in their entirety, Bianca_Cyborg is off-topic as a whole, not just her head.

      This decision does not affect the human version of Bianca.

      As with all off-topic dolls, Bianca_Cyborg cannot be discussed or pictured alone on DoA and she may not be bought, sold or split via the DoA Marketplace. Bianca_Cyborg may be shown in pictures alongside on-topic dolls.