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New Iplehouse Noctarcana Circus JID Boys!

Aug 21, 2009

    1. I think Jerome has his little paws on my wallet. I have to see a non-circus face up first. but mmmmm yeah I think my girls will be all over that. Especially if he's released in tan skin.
    2. I, too, love the smirk on Joshua. I'm not planning on expanding into MSDs, but if I were, he'd be my male of choice.
    3. More circus folk!
      I saw my first JID at GoGaDoll as he was one of the raffle items.
      For those of you who have the JID boys, do they fit into any of the Volks MSD or MSDC sized outfits? How about the fitted suit-type of outfits? And the DOD 43cm sized outfits?
      Just wanted to know if I would need to get a new wardrobe if I bought a JID boy...
    4. I wonder if these new JID boys might have a thinner body.
      Ryan had the muscle body, and these 2 look thinner than Ryan.. :?
      Does anyone think they look like NS instead of RS?
    5. Yay for discussion thread! Now I can squeee

      No but seriously, I love Joshua. His smile is too perfect. Picturing him with angry, mischievous brows is making me happy. He kind of reminds me of the look I was going for with Riddley. Man, my wishlist just keeps expanding...
    6. I am loving Iplehouse more and more. This line kills me, I love old fashioned circuses. I even love the clowns they did which is weird, but they look so beautiful and a little creepy. I love the sense of story around the line.


    7. I, too, LOVE these new guys from IP, HOWEVER....

      I was hoping for more variation in their costuming (other than color). I mean the girl Pierrot's-- Tania/Tatiana-- were dressed quite differently from one another.

      I'm wondering what their skintone is, too. My guess is that Jerome is NS and Joshua is WS (white skin)????

      Hard decision, but if I were to pick one, I'd go with Joshua. He and Tatiana Pierrot make a cute couple:love
      Sigh....I would've loved to see a red-nosed JID pierrot to match Tania Pierrot.
    8. I have a feeling that they are thiner & a bit taller especially if they are the 2 standing behind Vito in Noctarcana page ...it must not be the new jid body as iplehouse said it will be 1mm changes in hands only & those 2 seem having a noticeable difference !! it's just a feeling but I sence they will be thiner of jid and taller but still msd size or little more (shorter than yid) ... perhaps ~50-52 cm (hope hope hope :lol:) ... :)
    9. I think that Jerome is quite adorable. I won't be getting one, I only want SD-size, but adorable none the less!
      I also really like the poofy little pants. ^_^
    10. Well I know I might definately be considering a Jermone when he comes out in basic >_> He looks like a little boyish version of my Rashi T_T
    11. I'm liking Jerome!! To me he looks more mature than some of the other sculpts they've released. If he looks good with a basic face up, he may end up on my wishlist! :)
    12. Wow, I love what Iplehouse has been doing with the circus line, but showing off these two boys makes me want to add more room to my wishlist when they are released with non-circus face-ups.

      Joshua reminds me too much of the Joker for me to get him as a Pierrot and not have to put him in a box while I sleep.:sweat
    13. At first I was thinking about buying Vito, but after seeing Jerome... I want him instead! I really love Jerome's looks. I will have to wait until I can buy his basic version. Does anyone know how long it usually takes before a basic version is released?
    14. I think we'll be seeing basics in mid to late September.

      I really like Jerome. But I'd prefer to see him basic.

      I also think Jerome's NS, and Joshua's WS.
    15. I'm going to have to wait until I see more pics. So far no one has reached out of the monitor and latched onto my throat....
    16. Joshua has my interest, but I want to see more pictures and without that makeup before I decide how much I like him.
    17. I have a Ryan and no, they really don't fit very well in MSD sized clothes. Pants or any sleeved shirts without stretch did not work at all. If it is something with a little stretch it might work. His shoulders and thighs are the hardest to fit.

      Maybe it will be closer with the newer body, though.

      I love Jerome. He might make a great Little Mylon from what I can see so far!
    18. omg jerome looks great (love the pics with the normal face-up) i think i have to start saving up some money for the ns version X3
    19. Oooh new pictures! I wasn't crazy about Joshua in the Pierrot make up, but he's cute in a regular face up. He has a quirky, real boy face that is different and really neat to see.

      Both of them are lovely. Tatiana has to come first, but I can see these guys getting on my wishlist. :D