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New Island Doll Skin Tones

Jan 1, 2010

    1. Island Doll has released their new skin colours, there are 7 new skins: tan, neutral beige, pink, island, normal, milk white and snow white.
      There are going to be available from Jaunary 1, 2010. You can find them under the Island Doll category: http://www.featherfall.ca

    2. Anyone happen to know what resin color the Amy shown in the promo pictures is? Normal? Island? I can't tell. Forgive me if it's listed somewhere... :sweat
    3. Hi Peppermint Pocky -
      I believe its Island Normal actually. It was their one default tone before they released all the different skintones. Will be happy to double check however.
      They all cost the same, except for Tan.

      EDIT: I stand corrected, after consulting with Island Doll, they have informed us that it is Normal skin.
    4. Thank you! I really appreciate it!