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Update New items in WaWa Doll shopping site

Apr 20, 2008

    1. Hi friends~
      (2008/07/15)Chinese outfits are available now.
      Please check them at BJD outfits section of WaWa Doll site.


      Separate patterns of WaWa Doll BJD pattern book Vol.1
      are available now.(2008/07/03)

      New items(21/06/2008)
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2. Is that free shipping to any where in the world?
    3. Yes,all the items are free shipping to any where in the world now.^_^
    4. WaWaDoll Pattern book for bjd is available now!
      8 kinds of 1:1 patterns for 10SD/13BSD/16SD/YO SD.
      [​IMG] <----Click it to enter the site^_^

    5. Here are all the 8 kinds of clothes~
    6. I wonder will you restock for those chinese outfits in future? The green one I'm interested was out. ;_;
    7. Yes,they will be restocked on 21/06/2008.:)
      Thank you.
    8. 1.WaWa Doll pattern book for BJD is now out of stock.
      (restocked date~21/06/2008)
      2.13 BSD outfit preorder date~21/06/2008
      Orders from 21/06/2008~05/07/2008 will be shipped before 31/07/2008
    9. [​IMG] <----Click it to enter the shopping site^_^

      Chinese outfits for 13BSD and bjd pattern book are in stock now^_^
    10. I don't suppose there's any chance your'll make something similar to the Chinese outfits for msds. I'ld love a set but right now they won't fit any of my boys.
    11. what size is the Bsd supposed to be? I dont understand the patternbook sizing O_o oh and will you be releasing new patternbooks in the future that dont have diff sizes combined? (like a pattern book for msd only?)
    12. 13 BSD---->13 years old boy SD.
      We still don't have that plan to publish the patterns for MSD,but I will put your idea in my mind.
      Thank you^_^
    13. We can make that size outfit for you.:)
      Please send me the PM about your boys' size.
    14. Today I was going to order two of your new sd13 outfits and now they are sold out. :(

      Will you be restocking them? I wanted to buy the last two. :(
    15. They will be restocked on2008/07/15.
      Thank you.
    16. Hi friends~
      (2008/07/15)Chinese outfits are available now.
      Please check them at BJD outfits section of WaWa Doll site.

    17. Thank you.
      September order will be opened on 2008/08/15.^_^
    18. SD 13 boy Chinese outfits are available now.
      We have 3 new outfits for order this month.
    19. October order is opened now.
    20. Will you be restocking anytime soon?