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new Jaimedoll, 30cm grade-Cloe updated!! =)

Aug 3, 2007

    1. Hi, this is Jaime~:lol:

      New jaimedoll, 30cm grade-Cloe is exhibited. :)





      We are very sorry, but we regret to inform you that we will start to move our English website from tomorrow. :(

      So you can not visit our English website for a couple of days, We will update more information in new jaime-doll.com ASAP. :sweat

      *We changed Crispin to Cristin. :sweat

    2. hey,
      i had 2 questions ^_^"
      Does she have a mid body joint? (body pictures?)
      And on the us website.. it says 190,000$... so uhm is she 190 usd?
      (this was the basic set)

    3. oh she is cute!!