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New K-doll head - KAYAN

Apr 20, 2005

    1. K-doll has a new head mold available - KAYAN. A quick preview:


      More here:

      Also check out the new pictures of Kian on the site. He is looking good!


    2. Ah! I really like Kayan though - what a pretty expression. He needs a hug ^^;

      Thanks for posting though :daisy
    3. All 3 K-doll heads are TEH LURVE.
      I hope I catch the Kill_U preorder sometime, and that I'll have money for it. :oops:
    4. I just love that pouty look.. Who wouldn't want one of these boys.

      Does anyone have one of these boys yet? Would love to know if they look better on SD 13 or CP bodies.
    5. Someone here posted images of a Kian head on an SD13 body a while ago (search for K-doll and it'll come up)

      There are pics on the K-doll website of either Kayan or Kian (the pic is a bit small, so I can't tell ^^; ) on a CP body also.

      Ha, but I totally don't know which one wold work out better~
    6. thanks, I will look for the additional pics as I need, need need that Kill U head