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May 8, 2010

    1. Hi everyone! Visit the new K3 BJD line of optional heads, hands and accessories for 60 cm (SD and SD-13 compatible) dolls... http://www.dollfair.com/K3BJD.htm

      We're working with a cool new Korean company that does miniatures and has commissioned some optional SD and SD-13 sized HEADS and HANDS from Bimong.. come on over and take a look.. these are BRAND NEW HEADS... we have just 20 at this time. Priced really nice, during our MAY EVENT. We're renewing the whole web site with lots of new dolls and optional parts. Watch them being sculpted in the studio every day as we update the studio page with new creations.

      First, we've got the H-01 head sculpted by Bimong. It's SD- sized compatible and is also near an "old skin" type resin color. Both heads have a hole in the center of the ear which you can use to attach things to the ears. Check out the pic on our site. I think stuff like antlers and different ears will be on the way.

      offered blank.. or default and custom painting is available. Oooo .. I guess Miss Day was starting to paint this one, that's why she's got a little airbrushing around her eyes.


      next here's the H-02 head which is for dolls which are similar to SD-13 in size and also in an "old skin" type resin color.

      here's the blank guy...

      and here is a sample of default makeup

      Now HANDS.. hey, these were all sculpted by BIMONG too.

      CUP HANDS - available as a set of 2, or singles. Perfect for a mug o' Joe.

      PICK UP HANDS- available as a set only

      And hey, cool CAMERA HANDS!

      these are available as either a set or singles.

      And we also have a nice DSLR camera accessory for your favorite SD-sized doll:

      here's the back:

      And MP3 players with ear sets:


      And whips? We got 'em...


      ** our camera and MP3 players are prop accessories which look like they're real, but they don't contain electronics.

      Thanks for looking! Please contact us via our customer service email if you have questions-- service@dollfair.com My PM here fills up quickly.

    2. Will the H-1 and H-02 heads be available in other resin colors? And does the "old skin" type resin color match Volks Pureskin? ox
    3. Hi Lotte! Thanks for your question.

      At this time, they are not available in other colors, but I can ask. I do not believe the "old skin" matches "pure skin," but hopefully the experts can chime in here.

      The bodies used in the photos are Volks bodies I've been told, and as you can see the heads are not copies of the Volks color, but are compatible with it.
    4. I saw that some of the prices went up for the new things, but no price for the high heeled feet?
    5. what about the Narin Fallen Angel and Narae closed-eyed angel that were supposed to go up may 6, then changed to may 8? I can't find any ordering info page. thanks
    6. New limiteds should go up today. We had an unexpected large shipment arrive here this week (Limhwa) and things got knocked off schedule.

      When we receive a shipment, we just concentrate on getting those out first and foremost. Wish I had 20 hands some days! :aheartbea

      Also, I asked Bimong last night and the H01 and H02 will not be available in different colors for awhile. That's because they are made in a different studio (K3) than Narin dolls.

      OH and a bit more-- it's more to update than just those two dolls. We're going to give away the new high heeled feet with all orders for Narae and NeoNarae. (Stella Maris you will get free feet, no fears). And there are more things to change... (whisper~ bodies only available from now on~ whisper).
    7. What you don't have 20 hands? Use some of the extra doll hands. One pertinent question, what size eyes does she take, and will she come with eyeballs?
    8. I just asked Bimong, and they will fit anything between 16 - 18 mm.

      Thanks for the question!

      And once I get all these K3 hands, I'll look like one of those many-armed goddesses-- holding cups, cameras, picking up things.. LOL!
    9. What neck size does the H01 head fit on? What is the head size - for wigs? Is it 9-10 or 8-9? smaller?

      How long will the promotional prices be available for?

      I love that head, btw. She is gorgeous!
    10. Any plans for "heart shape" SD hands?