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New Kid Dollmore Vora

Feb 23, 2008

    1. Hi,
      I was wondering if anyone out there was going to order the new kid dollmore Vora? I would love to see some owner pics!
    2. I don't really like the new dollmore kids...o.o

      I really like the chubby cheeks, but I also like the eyes. Yet put together I don't like the combination. This new style seems different for Dollmore- good for them, but these dolls aren't for me. ^^'
    3. they look like Porcelain dolls too much. I think. I'm not sure I like the esthetics
    4. The eyes are too small. Not proportionate with the chubby faces, and the promo pic of the boy looks like someone forgot to finish cutting out the eye that's closest to the camera.

      I'd like a girl version, if I could get her eyes modded to be wider and bigger. Not by much, mind, but little things make all the difference.
    5. So cute! They look like Tintin XD
    6. I have to admit I did recoil a little at first, but I keep looking at them now and I'm starting to find them quite sweet. I don't know if thats pity or not, though.

      Maybe it is their aesthetic. With the right faceup they would look like quite realistic children, and I'm not exactly the maternal sort.
    7. dont like them. the eyes is too small
    8. Kid Dollmore Girl Vora looks like me XD
      I think they look really unique with small eyes, not the typical crazy big eyes dolls that we see all the time.
      but yah...they aren't for me v_v''
    9. Personally, I don't like them. The eyes are too small in proportion to the bigger face, and they really don't speak to me in a good way. They're cute, but that's all they'll ever be for me... and I generally don't spend >$400 for cute. ^^"
    10. I thought they look a bit too...simplistic? Like there aren't much details to their faces. It could be just the faceups though.
    11. I don't like the lips. It's like they don't work with the rest of the face. However the form of the face and the eyes are really cute :D Maybe is just me but the makeup don't help either...
    12. Ohhhh! I LOVE these girls!!
    13. They are A-MA-ZING!! They remind me so much of younger versions of Shinydoll sculpts. Pure love! I am a fan of big-eyed dolls normally, but I really, REALLY like these.
    14. They must have gotten a new sculptor because the aesthetic has completely changed.
    15. I'm not sure if I like them or not, I'd like to see owner pics. I do think they are a more realistic asian appearing doll though which is nice to see
    16. I'm not too fond of them. I have an Aidan, who had the smallest eyes before Vora Came out. Even they were 12mm. It says that they take 8mm...... I'm just trying to imagine the eyes of my Puki on the head of my Aidan XD
    17. They really do realistic but they aren't my style... they almost look washed out... (faceup)
    18. wow, 8mm eyes seems super tiny for a doll that size. I love the uniqueness of the head. Actually, I have Cecile by kid dollmore, but I thought her body's too tall and body & hands seems a bit big for her face...even though they wear 7/8" wig, their face is kind of small. I wished they made a petite body for sweet babish girls like Vora...it's like, they have a fashion model's body with a cutsey little girl's face/heads.
    19. They are very realistic like a child in gradeschool, its different
      from the usual over sized eyes in their other dolls. I like the faces
      (too bad dollmore doesnt have a shorter thicker body for them,
      that is more child like)
    20. Chiming in with the rest; too small. Their facial features in general look to small compared to the size of the face. I hope this is something they're just trying out and not a new sculptor. This is completely different o_o