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New Kitty from DIM

Jun 16, 2008

    1. Snowbell

      I think I like Sugarbell more

      they have a doll body lined up for sale... no price nor are there any measurements on it
      Cat body
    2. I like the three part torso :3
    3. i just saw their heights... 15 cm... wow that's tiny
    4. They're cute and I'm sure someone will buy, but the world already has enough Pipos-looking cats, in my opinion.
    5. I thought the aesthetic is very close to Pipos but the head shape is different. And the three part torso is different. 15cm makes it the same size as Pipos Ringo. I also like Sugarbelle best but these are just to small for me.
    6. I think the expressions and the much smaller/shorter "muzzle" (is that what it's called on a cat?) makes them look pretty different from Pipos. Also, they have little kitty nostrils. The ears are very different too... smaller and thicker. To me, the overall aesthetic is pretty different from Pipos.
    7. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dang cute!!!! but it on my list to get later >.>
    8. As far as aesthetic goes, a lot of dolls have a similar 'feel' to them.
      Certainly there will be similarities.
      These dolls are really different from the Pipos cats.

      I really like Snowbell's eyes, but her mouth kinda puts me off.
      Overall, I like Sugarbelle better.

      But the price also puts me off a bit. Very spendy for such a little kitty.
      You have to pay for the faceup, then shipping.
      I'd really have to think about it....
    9. I think they are both adorable! The price includes the outfits and considering an Elfdoll Tiny is $275, the price isn't that bad. I do wish the face-up was included in the price.

      The first thing that struck me was that I see human faces in the cat faces. For some reason, the seem more human-like than Pipos. They seem similiar to the DIM tinies to me.
    10. Elfdoll's Alice's price included the doll, faceup, outfit and shipping. $290 (US)
      This kitty, for doll, faceup, outfit and shipping. $359 (US)

      A little more than I want to spend for a teeny tiny. My opinon, of course.
      If the faceup was included it would be more appealing to me, pricewise.
    11. Seconded! These are about as far from the Pipos cats in terms of appearance as any of the cat dolls on the market, IMHO.

      I think Snowbelle's mouth goes up a little too far, and in certain photos it ends up looking like a cleft palate (and not in the normal feline way). :nowords: Otherwise, I think they're both pretty cute!
    12. I was actually talking about the tinies like Adel and Lyn. Since they are 14cm, to me they are comparable. I look at size when comparing a doll. Denver Doll has these for $270 and the newest Kai for $275. Since DDE also carries DIM, they might also carry the cats thereby cutting the cost of the shipping. If someone wants one bad enough, than any price would be worth it to them I guess
    13. I think if the nose and the mouth where different colors it would look better.
    14. I think they do look a lot like Ringo and a little like Heero, but nothing like Baha.
    15. I like the ears and .... that's it. :0
    16. She looks worried...
    17. Dont look like Baha to me, im not sure about that hole for mouth. like with all DIM dolls i think they will look better with some better make up on :)
    18. cant say Im a fan of them. The mouths ..... I think they'd be cute if they had different mouths
    19. I really love Snowbelle's eyes.

      I do not like the mouth whatsoever, it looks..weird and misplaced.

      They have very human aesthetics, and I think if the mouth was a bit less... as it is >.> then they would be positively adorable.

      Alternatively, if you just stuck a human mouth and nose on them, I think they'd make a cute hybrid doll, I spose even further hybrid then the current anthros as they lean heavier to human.

      Just me!