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Update New Lati Basic Sets

Jun 19, 2008

    1. There's a cute school theme going on.






      Note: It appears that the new outfits for the Red-line boys comes bundled with the doll and is not an option outfit, since the sales page says "the Contents of Red line Basic ver. dolls include School look" and it's not availible as a tickbox on the top of the page.​
    2. I think they are all the regular basics ^^; But really really cute new pictures ^_^
    3. Yes, they are the regular basics. But these are new default sets. For example: up until this update, Rucas' and Rei's default outfit (which is sold at a lower price when purchased as an option while purchasing the doll) was the Classic Prince Dress. Now it's School Look outfit. The clothes can be purchased separately too, but when done so they are sold at their full price. I don't think they're limited, though. Sorry about that. I just reread the News rules and it seems that this thread is most probably not allowed anymore. I apologize.
    4. new regular basics. with new style make-up and new clothes, sometimes new wigs :D