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New Lati Yellow and Pukifee sized mohair wigs at Rapunzel Rapunzel! Competition news!

Jun 7, 2012

    1. [​IMG] Mohair wigs by Gantaeno, on Flickr Morning all! I have just restocked my shop (www.rapunzel-wigs.webs.com) with new mohair wigs for 5-6" heads. This is the first time I've been able to stock mohair wigs so I'm very excited: all the styles you see above are in stock and will ship in days to your address. I will also be running a competition in the next month or so after the second box of wigs arrives: it will require photos of your mohair wigs, so get snapping... more news in July (if that package arrives in time!) Thanks a lot, Chloe.
    2. Just to let everyone know I'm expecting the last half of this order in two weeks time :)