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New Lati Yellow dolls

May 31, 2008

    1. Lati has just posted an update on their website for the coming month of June. On the 5th June there will be new Limited Lea, Lea sleeping, Coco and Coco sleeping Elf ver.



      Sorry if this has already been posted. I couldn't find any so here we are!
    2. I wish Lati would sell this color wigs for the yellow line.

    3. They look so sweet. And the wig color is just yummy.
    4. Oh...almost no time left to save up then...I guess I could try and win the lottery ;)
    5. :)
      Will they be the Special Yellow body or the 16cm body? Does anyone know for sure?
    6. my mom and i were staring at that pic for so long..how cute..they are sitting there having a picnic...i love it..cant wait to have a doll someday.
    7. The little girl are so cute!! The wigs and outfits are tooo cute! I wish they were not limited so I could get them in someday. :(
    8. I love the blue wig! I'm not sure of the sizing... it doesn't say yet :(
    9. I'd been wondering when Lati would restock and what they were going to offer. These are so cute! The fact that they're elves just makes them cuter, to me. :)
    10. Arghhhh oh no. I think I must have the new Lea.... but I'm paranoid about the wait times now >__<
    11. The wait time I'm sure will be long, but it will be worth it!! Remember, people wait 6+ months for Unoa's and lati isn't anywhere NEAR that bad. ^_^
    12. They're really adorable. I love the color of both of those wigs.
    13. OMG Im doomed ...I was only thinking today I wish my Lea was an Elf
      LOVE her
    14. I'm doomed too...
    15. good grief, how adorable are THEY?? urg. killing us with the cute. zomg.
    16. they look so cute! I especially like coco with her blue wig...
    17. How enchanting they are.. Ooooohh how to resist!
    18. I was seriously thinking of selling my Lati Kitty Lea to get the Elf Lea
      but I looked at her little face ...my Kitty cat has the most beautiful face-up ...
      so although I am seriously in love with the Elf ...I cant justify having 2 Lea ...sigh ..so many beautful dolls
    19. I want their wigs, if anyone is interest on selling their wigs let me know

    20. tinybear Get Coco then XD