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New Lati Yellow limited elfs.

Jun 21, 2008

    1. OMG! They are just too cute for words. If I had the money I'd get one of each!


      I posted a thread in News. Have a look!

    2. I have seen
      Im so much in love with Lea Elf ...I need one more than Air ! LOL
      I missed the last Lea Elf ...this may be my last chance to try and get one ...they are on sale for a day arnt they ?

      Coco is rather adorable though isnt she
    3. Coco is my favorit. I just love her colours. But they are all just too wonderful to really decribe. Why oh why didn't I win the big Lotto price last week? :lol:

    4. eeeee! cookie!! :aheartbea *wants!*

      I so wish I could afford one of these little cuties, their outfits are just the sweetest things ever. And its really nice of fairyland to offer them to international customers for one day :)
    5. I love lea!!!!!
    6. I would love the whole Lati elfy rainbow! :D I'm going to try for Coco, I think they will go fast though. ><
    7. Carrie I hope you get your Lea and princess chuchi I hope you get your Coco. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

    8. They are all so gorgeous I love Miel and Lea and Cookie and Momo. :love
    9. I'm dreaming of Cookie and Momo. The vignette they set up for them is so darned cute too.
    10. decided to pass on these cute kids, but i loved them all (especially benny, lea, momo & coco). good luck & have fun, all of you trying for whatever ones you want! :) i'm sure i'll be jealous once i see owner pictures. :)
    11. Ok this is by far the craziest thing I have ever done!
      its 4.10 in the morning ...I set my alarm
      and I have just paid for my LEA !

      Oh the joy ...and pain ...Im off to bed again (I dont have to get up untill late thank God)
      my eyes feel like golf balls
      but I was bloody determined I wasnt going to miss her this time no matter what

      sweet dreams
    12. Congrates tinybear! hahhaaa, I know you missed the recent elves.... so glad you manage to get her this time ^^

      I ordered Hk Elf Lea! So happy...*squeals

      So now I have 3 Lati elfs coming to me (2 from the previous limited edition).... i hope my little heart can take the excitement when they arrive :D
    13. Lol well done getting out of bed tinybear!! I sorta wish they released them in the middle of the night here so I wouldn't be so tempted! It is lunchtime here and I just caved and ordered Miel, cannot resist the cute!!
    14. Thanks Dustbunnie! I did get my Coco!! (had to hold myself back not to get the whole rainbow, lol!!) :cheer

      hehe! That's hardcore! I'm glad you got her!!
    15. I would love to get Miel but I'm still broke after getting the first release Elf Lea release :...(
    16. I got Miel. :D I would've gotten Coco, too, if I could have since she's the one I really wanted last time. She's absolutely adorable, but I'm almost glad I missed out on her now. If I'd gotten her I wouldn't have been able to get one this time and I actually like Miel better.
    17. How cool !
      Now I would like a Tan Lea for my triplets

      I missed the last Elf ...I missed the Tan Lea (I didnt realise they were cutting short the sales that time )
      so was making sure I wouldnt miss her this time

      But feeling Mellow that I got my girl on order in :aheartbea:aheartbea

      I was hopeing for a lie in ...but Postie woke me at 8.00!

      Im lying in bed NOW with my lap top and a cup of tea LOL
    18. I got a Coco! I stalked the site all day trying to narrow it down to who I wanted most, and it always came back to Coco. So at 11pm my time (noon HK time) I ordered her right away! She'll be my first Lati tiny.

      I'm a little confused though - today I went to see who was sold out, and from my computer it looks like none of them are sold out. It even lets me add them to my basket and go to check-out (not that I'm buying anymore!!). Are they showing up as sold out for any of you? And from the announcement on the website, I thought they were only making 2 of each mold. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what they mean by that. Maybe that means there will be 2 limited releases for each elf (i.e. this release plus either previous or future releases). Or maybe there is an actual event in Hong Kong that people are going to where they are having 2 of each mold? Here's where I saw that notice: http://latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=notice&num=203

      Oh well - it doesn't matter. I'm just happy to have my Coco!
    19. It means that they are going to have two completed dolls of each elf at the actual event available to buy.
    20. Oh okay - that makes sense! Lucky that they get to take them home! No wait!

      I checked the website and it looks like there is at least a couple of each doll left. So if anyone is still looking - check it out!