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New LE 40 Dollheart Fer - Persimmon Fer (SD)

Dec 23, 2010

    1. We are happy to announce that on January 1st, 2011 we will release our exclusive Dollheart fer, the PERSIMMON FER. Delivery dates are estimated for February 2011.

      • LE 40
      • SD sized
      You can order it on JANUARY 1st at Featherfall:


      This lovely LE 40 Fer has been in the works a while - we hope you will be just as smitten with it as we are!

      Fer includes:

      * One piece dress
      * Necklace
      * long coat
      * wristlet
      * pannier

      (More images on the site)


    2. To answer a few of the questions we have gotten often over the past few days:

      Release time:

      We will be putting up the Persimmon fer at 9 AM ( PST) January 1st. So enjoy your new year's eve - no need to stay up for it's sake.

      Other sizes:
      Persimmon Fer is only available as SD. There are no plans to release it as MSD / Unoa or Yo-SD.

      Other colours:

      Each Dollheart retailer can release exclusive colour editions on their chosen size. We have no plans to release any other fer at this time, nor will our previously released Fer will be re-released.
    3. A correction on delivery dates -- though previously announced to be finished production in late February the Persimmon fer have arrived! A full month early! All will ship out tomorrow; last 9 fer up on the site.