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New LE Serendipity

Jul 1, 2005

    1. dfosdfkjsdfjksdjf :o looks like Mana! Want! *incoherent*

    2. My first thoughts too...but if only Mana would show that much skin again...*drool*...such a pity... :(

    3. I know, that's exactly what I thought. XDDD; If I wasn't saving for Amos, I'd break down now and buy her. *_*
    4. *blinks*

      Waaaait wait wait.

      Does it say "dix" on her forehead? As in Mois dix Moi?!
    5. she's soo pretty :daisy :daisy
    6. Apparently so.

      Now if only she came with an optional dix devilsign hand...

    7. Hahahhaha!!! But wow. That's wild! makes me wish I was a big mdm fan.
    8. omg..

      DIX *does Mana dance*
    9. I am so tempted. I have such a weak spot for LE dolls. Not to mention that she's freakin' AMAZING!!!
    10. Oh, wow! I don't love her *quite* as much as I loved Nightmare Sharmin, but she's absolutely striking! Could do w/o the "dix" on her face, though... I've never been a big fan of words on faces.

      It's a good thing I didn't know about her, yesterday, or I may have had doubts about my St. Mina purchase. ;}

      I'm really glad to see that Nightmare Sharmin isn't going to be their only super spooky limited... that means I might actually have doll money when one is available, someday! ^_^
    11. I definitely agree with you there. *nods sagely*
    12. Yeah I really wish she didn't have the "dix" on her forehead. I think she's gorgeous. She's the first Serendipity doll I've really wanted if it weren't for that darn word on her head. It shows me how much potential the Alice head has though.
    13. Just thought you'd all like to know... I e-mailed Jee Mon from Dollmore in reference to the "dix" on Alice's forehead, and here is his response...

      Is the "dix" on her forehead a reference to Moi dix Mois?
      --->> without reference to Moi dix Mois :)

      How odd.
    14. I am so excited! I just ordered her from Dollmore - my Sharmin and Noel will be soooo amazed or afraid.

      Lishe :grin:
    15. Lucky! be sure to post plenty of pics!
    16. Oh, I definately will. She should be an amazing contrast to Noel's innocent look.

    17. Actually, I hope they do a dark/goth version of Noel someday... she's my fave Serendipity girl.
    18. I personally like Nightmare Sharmin more, but it's nice to see another, like Alice said, "super spooky limited". lol