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New Leeke Fullsets: Hero and Min

Aug 10, 2007

    1. Hi all!
      Leekeworld is releasing two new fullsets: Hero and Min.


      Until now, this heads were only available by Blind Head Project option, and you couldn't choose between them, as they were given randomly.
      The price is 625$ and the fullset includes eyes,wig and clothing. Makeup is optional. You can choose between real and gentle body too.

      You can check it here-->Min and Hero

      Thanks for looking!!
    2. Is this doll going to be added to basic line, or is it only available for a limited time? :sweat I'd like to get him, but I just don't have the money right now
    3. How about Koji, any word on him? ^_^
    4. Celesse,the fullset I think is going to be limited. By now, I don't know if they will become standard or not,I'll ask Leeke and answer you as soon as possible.

      PrincessAi436, who is Koji??
    5. Thank you very much Eidolon Tree!!

      I have news from Leekeworld: Koji, Min and Hero will be on standard section.They don't know when will they be exactly, but it's confirmed they could be bought after the event, but the price will rise a little, as the event price was special.

      OT:Yesterday I answered here but now I can't find my post in here...It's strange...