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New Leeke Limited

Aug 21, 2005

    1. I was feeling pretty crappy tonight - been pooley bad this weekend when I should have been out playing dollys at the NEC , so my lovely hubby bought me my laptop and Look what I found
      So I had a look at one of my favorite sits and there will be a new Leeke limited
      On sale October 15TH

      cute :D
    2. She's so precious! I hope someone (read: you) can get her, and post lots and lots of pictures here!
    3. I think that may just be the sale date of the outdated sale for the sleeping heads on that page.
    4. dunno ...but the sleepinh head Honey is available now untill 22 Sept
      very nice
      but Im not tempted ....I will just be glad when my Sweet gets to me :grin:
    5. Yeah, I ordered a snow sleeping head for my Honey :D
    6. lol
      lots of pictures please when you get her !
    7. You can count on it :D So you haven't gotten your suntan sweet yet? How long ago did you pay for him? I'm hoping they don't take a long time to ship the sleeping heads but maybe they're not even made yet.
    8. July ? I think it was
      they arnt in stock yet , and judgeing by what the Leeke site says it will be September when they start produceing .
      Oh well ..I have learnt waiting is part of collecting these dolls