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new LeekeDoll Joy

Apr 28, 2005

    1. LeekeDoll Joy is just the cutest damn thing you ever did see?
      Such an ironic name for a kid with a pout like that!
    2. Aww...she's definately my favorite Leeke.
    3. OH! She looks like a big Pocket Fairy!

    4. hey meep* XD
      i was just wondering the same thing myself XD
      fella doesn't look very cheerful does he ? LOL~
      i'm so tempted to ask HQ ^^;;;;;;;;;;
      but such a cutie pout X_x;

    5. I like the way they name their dolls. Yes, Joy has a cute little pout. :D (Ching is still my favorite, though.)
    6. So...
      Joy is a boy? :|

      I want a Doll Leeke girl with Joy's head... :cry:
    7. ... that's a boy? *_* Where does it say that? (I thought it was a girl, especially considering Joy is a girls' name.)

      EDIT: Oh, yes. So he is. :oops:
    8. *laughs*
      Joy is a boy ~
      I should go put that up on my site ~

      I have also sent an enquiry to see if bodies can be switched to make a girl Joy. ^__^
    9. Where does it say he is a boy? Is he really? That's one cute expression ^^
    10. On the girls' pages, thier names are listed in pink. On the boys pages, their names are listed in blue. (It took me awhile to figure this out myself.)
    11. I would like to get a boy for my petite ai :lol:
    12. Joy is a boy XD
      the jap site says so, leeke says so too ^^;;;
      its their second boy after Bambi.
    13. Dear All ~ ^__^

      We are given the green light to swap Joy's body to a girl ^__^
      So if anyone is intersted, an order can be placed with us and please ask for a swap in the "request" box ^__^

      Thank you ~

    14. No wonder Joy looks sad... he's a little boy with a girl's name! XD But he's super adorable~
    15. I think s/he looks sweet as both boy and girl, but I really really love him as a boy ^-^. My Petit Ai might want a friend in the future...