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New LeekeDolls

Jan 28, 2005

    1. I don't think this has been posted yet... but LeekeDoll is coming out with two new models.


      Bambi is their first boy doll, and will be available for sale starting Jan. 31st.

      Fancy has already been released as a sleeping-doll, but her waking-face will be available in February.

      Bambi looks a big forehead-heavy in the top picture, but there are some nicer pictures of him on his individual sales page.

      The English site says that his wig is L-039_D #25
      The Japanese site says that his wig is... 2ea??

      His height is 26 cm
      His eye size is 14 mm (random color)
      His wig size is 6 to 6.5 inch

      The Japanese site also says that they haven't yet prepared clothes or make-up for him.
    2. Wonder if they'll be selling the boy body, so you could make a boy out of the heads they have? That would be nice ^^
    3. Bambi? Funny name for a boy hehehe! Here in Brazil the disney's bambi animal is another word for calling somone gay ^^'''''
      So... it sounds really wieeerd! XD
      Sorry, that was a stupid comment o.o
    4. wooow! I like him lots! but i would like to get him as parts so i could paint him myself.. and it come sout cheaper XD..

      $250 as opposed to $340. and I have eyes and wigs here at home :D
    5. ARG, cute!
      Don't tempt me, Frodo. :chibi That Bambi head on a girls' body would be the perfect Claudia. (Psycho vampire babies need teeth!)
    6. For some reason I can't see anything in any of the Leeke sites.
      Bambi looks quite nice, except it's a boy and I only like girl dolls, but probably it's better if I'm not tempted.
      There's a photo of a Bambi that just arrived in the 2ch Korean doll image board.