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New LeekeWorld Pre-Order

Aug 28, 2004

    1. Looks like there's going to be a new pre-order from 9/2 - 9/14. Don't know what wigs will be available though.

      Does anyone know if you can order the older pre-order styles at the new pre-order? I really liked some of the wigs from the last pre-order.
    2. Me too. I think it's a case of first come, first served on the ones that are left. Will there be another group order from DOA? (And did the last one work out alright?)
    3. Well, that one on the right, the boy with the black wig... that's a new one. So is the curly-haired girl down the bottom on the left with the long bangs.

      I think the only way you can order 'old' wigs is to get them direct from the leftover stock like you guys did in the last group order you did.

      Can't wait to see what the new lot look like. :grin:
    4. if we do a group order, i could definately pitch in! I totally want one of their wigs o.o

      i only see the old preorder wigs though.. i guess the new ones will be up soon?
    5. Any takers to organise this new preorder? ^_^
    6. Possibly a silly question, but do Leekeworld wigs fit the CP boys, generally? 'Cause I'm very interested in one or two.
    7. I'll check with my bank on Monday to see about charges for the wire transfers- I might be able to, if the fee's not too high. ^^ Though ah.. I would want to bug someone with some questions about actually placing the order, as I'm slightly nervous about that since I have not ordered there before XD;;
    8. Ahhhhhhh! Damnable LeeKe with her gorgeous wigs... I want a 29, 33 & 34. *mourns* But bugger, I doubt our aussie group will be doing another order, and bank fees... o_o Why do they have to charge so much? XP It's some dude pressing a couple of buttons... *mournful sigh* But I waaaaaaant them! >_<

      Fukurou - yep, they fit. A tinsy bit big, but no worries if you've got velcro etc. ^_^

      Hitasura - I'd talk to Cassiel - she's the one that's talked to LeeKe for all the other orders.
    9. Just saw the new one ...
      Not as good as the previous....
    10. Auuuuuugh...!

    11. Yep, there's a new pre-order, which will be running from Sep 2nd till Sep 14th. ^_^

      You can't order older pre-order wigs, only the ones that are listed as being currently available -- L-028 to L-037. You can only get older pre-order styles when they turn up in the shop.

      Btw, the previous DoA group order is just in the process of being finalised, we just had to sort out a few issues with out of stock wigs and such. ^_^

      Hitasura, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a PM, I've done a lot of dealings with LeeKeWorld in the past.

      If one of you is up for co-ordinating a group order, I'm happy to help do the emailing with LeeKe as always, but if you want to do it, I'll only ask that you organise it and have the final list to me by about the 6th or 7th. I'm leaving for Japan on Sep 15th and that'd be a bad time to be trying to co-ordinate an order. ^^; (I won't have email straight away when I get over there.)
    12. im working on two group orders; DOD and Tallinas, so I can't take it this time round. But i want to participate!

      ::thinks Hijiri needs some new hair :D ::
    13. Thanks for helping with this, Cassiel!! Ugh, Leeke wigs, I love them!
    14. Damn Leekeworld wigs, the only wigs I'm absolutely crazy over! I don't have a bank account yet, but I checked the fees for an outgoing international wire transfer -- 30$! Oy, that's almost as much as a whole wig. @_@;;

      I'm curious, though, about some heads shown on the site if anyone would care to indulge me. ^^;

      L-029 -- God, that's a gorgeous wig. @_@;; That first picture, who's that?
      L-029A -- Gah, Syo! So cute. x33 Who's that in those last two pictures?
      L-034 -- Killing me with these awesome wigs. Pfft... what head is that in the second picture?
      L-035 -- I think it's Anais, maybe?

      BTW, there's no way to get the wigs from old preorders, right? ;O; There were a lot of wavy wigs that I loved from old preorders. ::watches the shop like a hawk, despite not having a doll at all:: xD
    15. Gaar. I don't think I'm going to be able to handle organizing the pre-order after all. I've been taking a look at my schedule and the things I'm going to need to get done in the next few weeks, so I don't think I could/should take on this responsiblity as I would really feel horrible should I screw it up. XD;;; Sorry about that guys! ;__;
    16. any other takers?

      Do you know what kind of payments they take? A wire transfer is too much but if they can take IPMO or paypal perhaps i can organize it after i order the tallina's eyes..

      i dont want to really do another order, but i REALLY Want a 29 wig u_u;
    17. Sha -

      L-029 - looks like the BW Sweet Dreams Nana to me. She's also modelling the L-028.
      L-029a - school head, I think?
      L-034 - the same head as the one in the L-029a that I think is a school head. ^^
      L-035 - yep, I think so too.

      And nope, there's no way to get wigs from earlier pre-orders except to watch for them to come up in the shop. ^^; Also, your wire transfer fee is pretty good -- a lot of people pay $40 or $50. Plus, when you do a group order and you split it, it works out pretty cheap -- I did one with 10 people and a fee of $27, so only $2.70 per person. ^_^

      Sorry, Deanna, LeeKeWorld only accepts wire transfers or cash via registered post. They can't do IMPO or PayPal. ^^;

      Is anyone else willing to handle the money sending/wig receiving/wig shipping? I don't mind being the one to receive all the PMs about orders and such if necessary, and just let you do the sending/receiving of cash/wigs. (Since I'm in Australia (and about to go to Japan!) I'm a poor choice to be sending the money and receiving the wigs. >_< )
    18. I dont think it's as wise to have me do it either as it's extremely hard for me to get to the bank right now, and also my bank transfer fee is $40. it would be nice if we could find someone who has a lower fee.
    19. cash via registered post sounds okay.. but is it in won or is USD okay?

      im placing the tallina's order tomorrow (my friend's funeral was today, so i didn't get to do it today), but once that's done with I can organize the order.. but i need to know some more stats, like how much shipping would be. I would only take paypal since it'll be too slow to get snail mail.. same as the tallinas with the paypal fee. wait for it to transfer and mail out the cash. ..

      unless someone is willing to take it up. I'de rahter not do another one, but i REALLY want that wig andi don't know if it'll be available afterstock.