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New Leekeworld Wig Preorder

Nov 2, 2005

    1. ^-^'' just as an odd question - what does it mean when stuff is on the reservation page? Is it like a 'coming soon'? Or can you actually order them somehow?
    2. Those are items which you may order on a pre-order basis. Look in the description of the individual items, they state when the preorder period will start. Some of items there will be available soon, some have already had their preorder period end.
    3. I must stop reading the gallery! I'm wanting to wigs but one is already my whole sallary T_______T
    4. last day to preorder in the group order!
    5. I like the new styles but can't order wigs for a little while. *sweatdrops*

      The female doll that they have modeling L-068 at the top is really pretty... I wonder who she is....*blinks*
    6. It's either Anais or a MSD F-06. They have lovely models! Their Four sisters head is one of my faves.