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NEW Limhwa 67cm Male Update..

Mar 1, 2007

    1. News on the new Limhwa male 67cm doll...

      Limhwa will be finishing him in June, and will release prototype photos at that time. The first casting will be completed and promotional photos released in July 2007. By July we hope to open the first order for this new 67cm guy.

      Because Limhwa was anxious to concentrate on completing the male doll,
      the release of the Limited ToMe dolls has been delayed. I think when you are an artist, you get into that flow and don't want to be interrupted when you've got a project coming together. I have seen the face of the new male and he is very complex... sensitive without being pretty, intelligent without being haughty. I am looking forward to seeing him complete with eyes and paint. We hope to receive the first 67cm Limhwa male in time to debut at the Austin BJD convention in August this year. As soon as the first photos come over, I will post them in this thread.

      About ToMe...
      "To Me" is a doll she made for herself, but she will be offering it as an ultra-limited doll soon, costumed by herself, and in two skin colors. We are expecting less than 5 dolls per color to be available. The new skin colors will be a mocha (tan) and mocha au lait (lighter tan). We will have more photos soon, but we wanted to give you all a heads-up. To Me is a fully ball- jointed and highly poseable resin doll, in realistic (not Barbie) proportions. Her famous "To You" was discontinued in December of 2006.

      Here is her first photo:

      Here is a photo of the discontinued ToYou, with the incredibly detailed body. She's got all the detail of a larger BJD, but in exquisite proportions. And pardon the Barbie. She's there for size and detail comparison.


      Limhwa Doll thanks you for your support and interest. She wants her dolls to be loved by everyone worldwide.

    2. Wow, Catrina, that is wonderful news about the male doll!!!
      Could You please give us a clue:
      Will he look a little bit like the famous Heartbreak Boy?
    3. Hi!

      Is there going to be an order form for the ToMe, or auction style?
    4. No, he is not an Asian looking male. She decided to make this one first, and the style of him is very very mature. He is not a "pretty pretty" boy.. but more of a brooding man.

      I hope one day she will make a doll like Heartbreak Boy, but at this time she felt this was the doll she had to make.

      In all ways I support her, and feel you will not be disappointed one bit when you see her new male doll. He is an outstanding piece of art.

    5. Cybernary: To Me will be a 27 cm BJD, and her look is based on the discontinued ToYou doll. But she will have a different skin tone, limited edition facepaint by Ji Youn, and an outfit made by Ji Youn.

      Thank you for your kind comments on Ji Youn. She is also a very very disciplined and hardworking woman.

      Animedoll: We have not yet decided how the To Me will be sold, but most likely it will be by lottery. With only six or seven dolls to be had, that seems to be the only fair way to distribute them.

      Tinybear: I knew you would approve. what is so amazing about Limhwa's tiny dolls is that they are like miniature versions of the large BJD. They don't look like a Barbie at all. She also invented her own hip joints, which I think work well and look very pretty.

      Best wishes
    6. I've placed a photo of ToYou in the first post (the discontinued 27cm doll) so you can see approximately what ToMe will look like (though in different resin color for To Me).

      To Me would look very small next to a MSD sized doll, so I would not think of them as a good couple, size-wise.

    7. Will To Me have french resin she looks beautiful :) allot like To You. Fun plays on words there.

    8. The 27 cm are never made in french resin because as Limhwa explains it, "They become too transparent."

      She made ToYou in an ivory beauty-white and normal beige urethane.

      I imagine To Me is also a tanned mixture urethane.

      Many thanks for the question, Lore.

    9. The tan is really beautiful I wonder if she would fit blythe clothes? I think I read Uyoo could.
    10. here you go Lore- the size will be the same as To You's:

      About ToYou- a 27 cm size ball jointed doll
      Eye size: 6 mm
      head circumference: 9.5 cm (3.7 inches)
      Arm length: 7.8 cm
      neck circumference: 4 cm
      waist circumference: 8 cm
      hip circumference: 11 cm
      leg length: 13.5 cm
      foot length: 2.8 cm
    11. Will she be available with a faceup? She is sooo cute! :whee:
    12. They will only be available in full sets, painted with wigs, eyes, and handmade clothing. The facepainting seems very unique, with metallic accents. Ji Youn has been smitten lately painting Licca dolls. She enjoys how you can customize a Licca and make them look so different. I think the Licca dolls give her a mental rest from the sculpting of her more classical realistic pieces, such as the new male doll.

      And nobody has asked yet, but I don't know what the price will be.


      P.S. Ailime -- Um. When you see his photo, all that and more. I've never seen a BJD male like him anywhere.
    13. Catrina ..is she French resin ?
      I wasnt sure if Limwha is french resin or not :)

      had a very restless night ...wondering if this tiny is gonna break the bank LOL
    14. Limhwa does not make the 27cm dolls in French resin because they become too transparent. The parts on ToYou are very tiny and detailed, so she becomes hard to see in French resin. I asked Limhwa to make me a French resin ToYou because I was so curious to see how she'd look in a kind of ghosty transparent appearance ... but the casting service wouldn't do it. I'm sure the head would have looked really bad... you probably would be able to see the eye putty, hooks and strings through the doll's face.

      I believe To Me will be in tinted urethane.

      And I have no idea yet about the price.
    15. When do you think you`ll be able to post a picture of the new male doll?
    16. When it's done :fangirl:
    17. Wow!! She's so beautiful and so tiny. I can't wait to see what the boy looks like as well! I wonder if they'll be able to wear B**bie clothing. Are we able to commission Lilykoi for these faceups too? Can we purchase through you?
    18. 1. Yes, B**bie clothing but not shoes. I think they can wear Blythe shoes though.
      The artist and I were on the verge of designing shoes for ToYou, when the Half Elf arrived and pretty much took over our focus.

      2. The To Me will arrive with faceups done by the artist. In the case of future dolls (such as the male coming up), it could be possible to commission Lilykoi to do Limhwa work if she has openings. And yes, we are Limhwa Doll's international rep. the English web site is www.limhwa.com

      Many thanks for your interest.
    19. I know you mean when he is done... but do you expect the new male to take at least 6 months before he is released? (I am looking for a male doll around that height and a few are going to be released soon) I just don't want to miss him if he's truly the kind of face I am looking for. I have no doubt his body would be perfect as the artist has shown us she can do very beautiful mature sculpt.
    20. It's really hard for me to speculate.. but I'd love to see him before summer. I really don't think it will be 6 months.

      Usually I can get some photos before the first casting. And when when the prototype is finished, she will permit me show them while she is having the doll casted for the first time.

      Here is her last mature male body. Heartbreak Boy was a gallery doll, not meant for reproduction. This is why he's not for sale. This new male will have a multi-part torso (more than 2 parts) and he will be mature. As you can see, Heartbreak Boy has one (pretty fab) part torso. He's also made of a tinted sculpting material. I'm kind of wondering if Ji Youn is experimenting with To Me's tanned resins to make her boy out of a tinted resin. Well, that's entirely me thinking out loud. :aheartbea