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NEW LIMHWA TO-L, LE-16 MOVIE STAR LOOKS! now on sale from June 1.

Jun 1, 2009

    1. Limhwa artist Jung Ji Youn is pleased to offer to you her private doll named "To L."

      To L means "To Limhwa."

      She made this doll as her vision of the most handsome movie star she could create. Once she finished him, she was so in love she decided to share him with only 16 of her Limhwa Doll owners. That's why there will only be 16 To L ever, because she feels she doesn't want to make too many of her special boy.

      And the best part is, since she's sharing him with you-- she is only charging the same as for a plus set doll plus facepainting. She says she doesn't want her love for this doll to become a burden on her fans. :fangirl:

      You have to love this lady.... I have been working with her now for over 3 years and am constantly amazed by her great talent and love of the dolls she calls "her kids."

      Anyway, here is her great love, the Limhwa To L. You can order him here on the web site, and after we've got the edition of 16 sold out, it will be ended. I'm going to show you the pics, then I'll post some details on the edition.









      Limhwa To L is 67cm, and he has the same body as the Limhwa Limho Mano.

      He will come with facepainting as shown, wig and eyes, as well as a certificate from his artist Jung Ji Youn with his status as a rare LE-16 doll from Limhwa Doll in Korea.

      The artist will only take orders through June 2009, or until the edition of 16 boys are sold out. After that we'll close the edition of Limhwa To L.

      Many thanks for your interest, and the regular ordering period will continue through June 10 for all of Limhwa's unlimited dolls, in all resin colors.

      To get further information, please visit our site at www.limhwa.com

      Discussion thread for ToL is here on DOA.

      Again, we appreciate the love for Limhwa.

    2. Update for To L-- there are just four boys left.. they have been claimed steadily since yesterday, and we appreciate your love for him. We will keep accepting orders until we hit the magic number of 16 in the edition.

      The regular Limhwa ordering period remains open through June 10th.
      Claim your Half Elf, Luna, Human, or Eva... in several delicious skin tones including tanned. Or there is Limho Mano, at 67cm just like the ToL, and he is also available in colors such as tanned, normal beige, and pinky white resins.

      Smaller Limhwa dolls include Limho Mono and For You, at 44cm. They are ordering now in all colors at www.limhwa.com

      Thank you everyone!
    3. There is one more Limhwa To L left in the edition. We expect to close it today.

      I truly appreciate your love for Limhwa. Thank you for the lovely emails about her work.

      The regular ordering period continues, and I will post more pictures of those dolls once we close To L's edition.

      Best wishes to all!~
    4. Congratulations to the lucky 16! Thank you for your continued support! :aheartbea
    5. Dear Friends,
      The update from Limhwa is that she should be shipping this coming weekend. When we receive the tracking information next week, we will send out individual emails. Thank you! :aheartbea
      Your, Joan