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New Limited Doll from DOD

Sep 6, 2008

    1. Saw this notice when I went to their website this morning

      New Limited Dolls~


      It's little cool more than yesterday.... maybe fall is coming.... (but, still little hot... >0<)

      Until today, lots of customers have requested us to release new limited dolls and talked us that they wanted to see....

      Finally, we can inform to you about our New Limited Dolls~ *(^0^)*

      Now, you can meet our new friends.....

      One is D.O.I guy (hehe) and the other is D.O.T girl (with new body).

      We'll inform you again on September 11.

      Please wait for us~

      Have a nice day~ ^0^

      So let wait and see :)
    2. oh I saw photos they have more on their web



    3. There is new information on the website. Color choices for resin are grey, normal and white.

      They go on sale at 6pm Korean time on Sept 12. By my calculations, that's 5am, EST on 9/12