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New Limited Doll - MR RACOON at Angelheim

Mar 26, 2010

    1. Dear DOA Fans

      We are happy to show some teaser cuts of our first limited doll - Mr.Racoon Kozy.

      We are now finishing up some details on his outfits and his full features will be revealed on Tuesday Mar 30th.

      This time, we tried a Dark Tanned JuniorHeim and that skin color will be available for only 3 weeks.

      And also, his parts will be limited too. (We are plannint to release Normal, White & Dark Tanned skin)

      Thanks and we do hope you enjoy our dolls.

      We promise we will show you Female Dolls (65cm 'The Ice Queen') next time... (It might be Apr or May)



    2. I may be doomed 0.0 Please release earlier if possible! <3
      His hands look a little small though. Are they the same size as the normal hands or a tad smaller?
    3. Will the Dark Tanned JuniorHeim body be available separately? As he appears to have two heads it would be nice to be able to get a second body rather than choosing which head to use most :)
    4. Australian buyers- INDOLLGENCE will be selling Mr. Racoon and all other Angelheim dolls.

      The site is still under construction, and they aren't up on the site yet, but please PM or email with questions or orders.

      Paypal and direct desposit are available, and there's up to four months layaway.
    5. Is Kozy going to be available later in another set? Even if just the human face?
    6. Can only the fantasy parts be purchased please?
    7. No. Otherwise they'd be listed in the Parts section.
    8. I had a look on their site - the fantasy parts are as limited - the doll itself will reappear as a basic, along with his outfit, but the tan resin and the fantasy parts are the limiteds.
    9. Angelheim has released a FAQ about Kozy. It has this information plus a bit more, including their LE doll schedule.