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New limited dolls on Customhouse site!

Sep 8, 2005

    1. On Sept 5th (more or less), Customhouse updated its site with some new limited dolls. According to the news page there are:

      10 limited Little Jr. Zephyros (white skin):
      10 limited Little Jr. Zephyros (Normal skin):
      10 limited Siwon (Nomal skin) (girls) (5 each)

      Also, I believe that there are some new wigs and shoes, as well.

      Zephyros is here: http://www.ainai.com/eng/index.htm?menu=product_list&cate=18&subcate=83

      and Siwon is here: http://www.ainai.com/eng/index.htm?menu=product_list&cate=1&subcate=1

      Personally, my favorite out of the lot is Little Jr. Zephyros (white skin). I thought he was cute and kinda so so the first time he appeared, but now it's turned into OMG NEED WANT. Where oh where is my money at a time like this? :cry:
    2. I didn't much like the first Zephyros but these two are awfully cute; sort of look like mini-Bins :D
    3. What. a. cutie! :D I cannot get over how adorable Zephyros is.
    4. OMG Siwon GIRLS! :D A Siwon girl was one of the first BJDs I ever wanted!

      Why am I a poor college student? :cry: I could die right now...

      Edit: In LOLITA dresses. :crushed LOLITA, like me. And a Siwon. And I want one so badly, but my Gatsby comes first... :( Oh, but I do want one of those girls!