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New limited eddition 60boy of SLINKYNEKO

Sep 16, 2009

    1. Hi everyone....
      Slinkyneko will sale limited edition 60boy soon.:D
      I'll accept order to 18 sep.

      Price of full set: 590 USD
      A boy 63cm with spacial Make-up Head.( Nomal skin )

      Dress full set(White hooded-shirt, unbalance overalls, long vest)

      And boots.(Anotherspace spike boots.)

      Artist prototype: Baron


      ◈ Detail Size ◈
      ♣ Skin : Normal / White
      ♣ Height : about 63cm
      ♣ Head circumference : about 22.5cm
      ♣ Length of the lower part of the body : about 36cm
      ♣ Neck circumference : about 10cm
      ♣ Shoulder width : about 15cm
      ♣ Arm length : about 25cm
      ♣ Bust circumference : about 24.5cm
      ♣ Waist circumference : about 19cm
      ♣ Hips circumference : about 27.5cm
      ♣ Thigh circumference : about 15.5cm
      ♣ Foot length : about 8cm

    2. Can you order just the blank doll or just a head?
    3. This is wonderful news! Are there photos of the doll without clothes? I'd love to see how it poses. :)
    4. I'm planing to sale the blank doll at next month.
      but i don't know about a head..:lol:

      Thank you!

    5. I'm interested by only head part (head+wig+light green eyes).
      Can I buy them separately ?

      (Sorry. I just notice that you accept order till today. :doh
      May be I search from slinkyneko site.)
    6. Any chance the dress will be available to buy separately?
    7. Now....slinkyneko open this edition.

      And, I'll update the basic doll soon.

      Thank you!