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New Limited Editions at Dream f Doll~

Sep 18, 2004

    1. no that's BRAND NEW news.
      i check the site daily.. to drool at the doll i'm svaing up for..
      and that's new.
    2. Omg... Mir looks like someone I know! She's TOO cute.
    3. Also, if you check out the Korean version of the website, there are a couple of other really awesome limiteds: a new version of Too & Bee-A, and a really cool Zen. Also, some heads only available with the new half-opened eyes.

      Wow! Does anyone know if you can use Paypal or how to get the dolls on the Korean site version? Thanks!

    4. ...do you think the new Tender Yen will be available through the English site? I know they released Black Yen on the English site a couple days (?) after he was available in Korea... I love the clothes on all the new LEs, too! :D
    5. I don't know but RRRRRRRG, now I want tender Too & Bee-a also!!!!!!!! I hope I can order their heads separately like they have on the Korean site...
    6. Ohhhh, Tender Too and Bee-A are so gorgeous! I really love the default make-up they do on the tender dolls.

      I hope they release them in the regular line without the fancy clothes... it seems like a waste to make these beautiful new faces in such limited numbers!
    7. Also, in case nobody else has noticed:

      The Tender Too and Bee-A and Tender Yen Limited dolls are on the English site as well. They don't seem to have the option-heads or hands yet, though!
    8. Why do tender Too and Bee-A cost soooo much more on the English site? They look exactly the same.
    9. I guess because on the english site the Tender Too and Bee-A come with clothing and the shoes etc. But they're way too much for me......... I'll be getting the normal ones I guess lolz. It would be nice if they put the tender heads up on the english site. ALso that the new dolls can be bought as non limited without the clothing........