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New limited fullsets from FairyGarden-DD-Anne's handmade

Sep 27, 2009

    1. Hi~
      I bring my limited new fullsets again.
      Today's theme is 'Green Dam Girl'. >x<
      ( what is Green Dam, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Dam)
      Maybe you have already heard this name.
      It started in Jun this year, some Chinese create a satirical Internet cartoon character, Green Dam girl.
      I think it's interesting and I want to show my discontentment too...
      then, I decided to design a GD girl of my own.
      It's a challenge to me, because green is not my favourite color.
      You can imagine it's not a easy work to design a fullset in an unfamiliar color. ;)

      And a very improtant news, as China blocks the blogspot where I bulid my blog and shop... what's more all the proxies are disabled by GFW for the coming 60th anniversary, I can't update the selling page any more now.
      So I opened a temporary page, -x-. Sorry for the troubles and confusion...

      1st post, story during design GD girl ( 1st fullset)
      2nd post, story about GD girl's bunny( 2nd fullset)
      3rd post, order details...

      As usual, I want to share these stories during design with you first.

      ================stories during design.^w^==============

      I choose Mero, one of my 24cm tall girls to cosplay Green Dam girl, because of her sad face. I opened her mouth a little.
      The color of her eyes and hair is confirmed fast in June, but I have been struggling with the fac up and the dress for 2 months.

      [​IMG]I paint her face up twice.The first one, not too bad from some angles...I hesitated several days if I need to repaint her.

      [​IMG]This is the second face up. It's worth to repaint.

      After face up confirmed, I turned to her outfit.

      [​IMG]My first design is a sheer light green lace dress,
      (I sew a similar sample for my own doll)

      [​IMG]but considering that lace is not easy to deal with and I didn't have confidence on the color, I changed my plan before I started.
      Then, I collected some green fabrics to see if I can get some inspirations,
      but unfortunately, I didn't get much...

      One day, the second design jumped into my brain,
      ' how about a maid in pink?'.
      A drama-queen maid that lives in your PC, she will block anything she dislike without your permission.^x^
      It seems like a good idea and a cotton maid dress is easier than sheer lace dress, so I tried the second sample.
      ( I used red fabric with white spots instead of pink.)
      [​IMG]I'm not pleased with this dress.
      In my opinion, to~~~~~~~~~~o ordinary.

      I told myself that if you don't like it, how can you expect others like it?
      You should make a 100% effort. Don't fear of troubles!

      Therefore, I picked my original design back, restarted from the beginning.
      I made a set of white underwear which is similar as my first sample.
      I chose green and pink as the main colors since there is some embroidered pink flowers on the light green lace,
      although I still remember my middle school art teacher said that pink+light green is a tacky match...
      I hesitated if I should change pink to a darker red, but not at last.
      Once I started, I got more and more ideas, beans, pearls and crystals, finally they became the dress you see now.^^

    2. Back to the theme, Green Dam Girl. She has a key, to control your PC.

      And the other feature is that she has a bunny. ( there is a bunny on the portal of the Green Dam software.)
      Here is the bunny.XD The second fullset doll I would like to introduce.

      The design of the bunny is confirmed during my working on the second dress. The colors are opposite to the colors of GD girl, pink straight hair vs green mohair, green eyes vs scarlet eyes, green dress vs pink maid dress. After trying on several pairs of shoes in different colors, I chose a yellow pair for her. Then, she looks like dressing up for Christmas.XD

      ============more photos==============






    3. =======order details=========
      1. Green dam girl fullset $315
      accept preorder during Sept.27~Oct.27
      The order period will be closed earlier if I get enough orders.^^


      2. Green dam bunny fullset $158 oneoff

      for who order GD girl, +$85, you can get a bunny fullset which includes an imperfect Riko in ivory white or pinky skin. I'm sorry that I haven't more flawless Riko in stock...The bunny in the photo is an imperfect one.

      Please send your order to ddanne1984@gmail.com
      with following information


      shipping address:

      tel :
      Payment method : (You can choose: 1 .Paypal 2 .Moneybookers )

      Insurance : (yes or no)

      account address :

      DoA ID : (Let me know if you have one.^^)

      Order details :
      doll, skin color, face up, amount
      items, color,amount

      shipping cost and insurance
    4. Do the shoes actually fit the non-bunny one? They look very big on her feet . . .
    5. Hi,
      The inner is fit,4.5cm. They are high-heeled shoes and it's a bit wide, and my girls have thin legs, so the shoes look big...^^
    6. Update:

      About Layaway
      I accept two-part layway in 50 days, there will be a 4% fee for the second pay.
      The first payment should be at least $50.
      I will put the preparing work of dolls on schedule after the first payment paid.

    7. I am so in love with all of your beautiful dolls, and someday I will own one!!! :aheartbea

      I just wanted to ask who is this doll on the left?


      :DYou are very talented, and I love the story behind your Green Dam girl, take care, and good luck to you!!! Your new web site is looking great!!! Thank you, Erika
    8. Thank you.
      She is my handmade head, Papana on Obitsu 21cm body. She is not on topic here.><