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NEW Limited Soul Kids (Listed on Ebay)

Jul 18, 2005

    1. ahhh tiffee... *drools*
      If I didn't have petite ais and SDs already swarming my house... i'd get a tiffee... she's soo adorable!
    2. They are very pretty! Are they OOAK, do you think?
    3. I believe in the listing it says there is only one in the world.
    4. *cry* I want the Tiffee :D shes so cute ><
    5. I bet their prices are gonna go up real fast, too, what with all this ónly one in the world'thing going on....
    6. So, these OOAKs aren't actually from Souldoll - or am I reading the auction wrong? =D;
    7. They're from Souldoll - Souldoll is the seller. Are you referring to the "except the doll..." bit at the bottom? I think that's just a bit of fractured English. They probably mean "in addition to." Understanding exactly what Souldoll is saying is a bit like a fun word puzzle sometimes! :grin:

    8. Ooh, now I see. xD; Thanks, MichelleAK! =D

      Funny that Souldoll would decide to try their hand at selling a OOAK on Ebay! xD
    9. Actually, they've been selling OOAKs on Ebay for awhile. I know that several of the OOAK Lunes and Parises were sold on Ebay rather than on their website. I bought a Souldoll outfit from them off Ebay, as well, although I don't think it was OOAK.

      They might feel they get greater "coverage" on Ebay, especially using "dollfie" as a keyword.

    10. Actually, in this fall they'll have been selling their uniques around a year on ebay. Atleast that's when I started seeing them appear! They've had a host of different dolls as one of a kind, Lune, Paris, Bariel, March Berry, Myosung, Ara, Chase, etc. I've been attempting to keep a list of their uniques and limited editions because not all of them are on gigglegeek so I'll have to add these to the list too.

      I think that putting them on ebay gives people a better chance of getting the doll than it being sold in a few seconds to whoever was lucky to find it first on the website. There were a few that sold for less than, IMO, they were worth because they were on ebay, but atleast people got them who loved them. :chibi
    11. As far as I remember, I know the Paris shown on their very VERY main page on souldoll (you know, before you go into the site?) was sold on ebay. He had blonde hair. ^_^.
    12. Oh, that's so interesting! Another thing I never knew about Souldoll. xD

      So if I were to hang around Ebay long enough I might get lucky and find a OOAK Paris. <3 :lol:
    13. Not if I beat you to him first! XDDDD!
    14. aww i love tiffee. she looks like she can't figure out why someone would give such a pretty girl the name tiffee, tiipee?