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New limiteds at Dollmore

Sep 23, 2005

    1. Wasn't sure if this would be visible from inside the other Dollmore thread, but there are a couple of new dolls...I think the elf Sharmin's little goth outfit is adorable...

    2. Oh dear :D that little Sharmin is lovely
      I keep looking at her - maybe next year
    3. Hopefully she won't be sold out by then (since she's an LE10) becase I lack funds right now and I would want her more than any doll, (well, save Nightmare Sharmin...) I have a thing for Serendipity dolls x_x;
    4. :oops:
      I ment just a Sharmin ...a normal one ..any one ...Im not writeing what Im thinking again LOL

      las year I met up with a friend ,I had my Unoa and he had a Sharmin , they looked so sweet togeather ....I have to wait untill I get my Unoa boy and Rengemaru before I buy anything else :D
    5. I want the new LE Sharmin. *cry*

      She's SOOOO gorgeous. *luv*
    6. She's amazing and I want her bad but she's so expensive for a Sharmin! My Boding was only $400 :o
    7. Boding didn't come with a full "outfit" just basically underpants and stockings. =) My LE Black Dream came with a full outfit by Cheerydoll and shoes. She was about $500 not including shipping. =) Nightmare Sharmin was also about $500-ish. :grin:
    8. :o OMG I'm sooooo in love with the Memory Moul !!!!!! And the outfit is to die for! :crushed
    9. Oh the cuteness!!!! I didn't know she was so much more than the Boding Boding girl. That's strange :\
    10. I guess cuz of the LE10??? Too bad you couldn't just get the outfit.....
    11. o.o is there any difference between her and the normal sharmins? (I mean besides the outfit XD) like skin? o_o; are they normally not as pale?
    12. They're more expensive because they come with full outfits and shoes. The boding bodings did not come with outfits (nor shoes). They came with just little underpants things. Well, at least I'm fairly sure Dollmore didn't consider them full outfits.

      The difference between a "regular" Sharmin and a white one is HUGE. Serendipity's white is -paper white-. Here's an example:


      My sharmin is on the right, my Boding Boding alice on the left. Alice is white skinned (even though I'm fairly sure my Sharmin was listed as white skinned when I got her on Ebay, but she clearly isn't hehe). I've heard that other standard editions are pinker than my Sharmin (my sharmin is a limited edition). I was kind of shocked at how white my Alice was compared to Sharmin. She's even whiter than my Luts BW doll. Crazyness I tell you! =)

      Hope that helps.
    13. it helps me tons :D thanks a lot <3
    14. Boding Sharmin was only $398.00 and she came with the special Goth Makeup and special color eyes, white skin body, wig, bra, panties, black slipcoat, stockings, and a beautiful necklace.

      The new doll is gorgeous too and I suppose 130$ isnt too much for such a cute outfit. It just seems kinda expensive for a mini.
    15. Hi, Descending Twilight - Seeing that you've got both girls, could you pls let me know whether Alice comes with the long and short elf ears just like Sharmin?

      My query arises from the description they give for Sharmin which includes 3 pairs of ears i.e. long and short elf ears and a pair of regulars, but it doesnt say so for Alice.

      I don't have any of these girls but am really tempted by Sharmin.
    16. Alice is Sharmin's sister! She's been said to have been more beautiful than Sharmin (when you see them in person) but I cannot say for sure! ^_^

      Anyway to answer your question, no, Alice does not come with different sets of ears, her ears are also non-removable so she can't share ears with Sharmin :( Although I do think Alica has a beautiful face though, maybe they will make an LE version of her with long elf ears? That would be good! ^_^

      I've heard alot of nice things about Sharmin, her long elf ears look great, good luck with getting her!
    17. Thanks Tifa for answering my query. Alice is beautiful - lucky you.