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New Limwha Girl: Elly

Nov 6, 2009

    1. How can you order her?
    2. You can probably order her through Dollfair and they will give the details when she becomes available.
    3. Do we have any other details ? price,, etc? i tried looking at dollfair and my browser would not access it :P
    4. I think Dollfair is redoing its website. I just tried to access it and it is there but it has a lot of updated information regarding Narindolls christmas ordering, and the links are not working. You might want to wait a couple days and then try again because by then they might have it all up, or be making an announcement.
    5. For those who want to discuss this new girl, I've made a discussion thread here!
    6. Hi everyone
      I have contacted Limhwa for details but she has not sent me any news yet. This is very common for her to go off line when she is in a creative spurt. She is also working on completing the last order sent to her.

      I anticipate information soon, as my translator has moved to Korea and will be calling her.

      There is a lot to talk with her about..

      And thanks for your patience, Narin Doll has reformed and we have a million new things we're loading up for Narin as well. I hope to get it all entered tonight (monday night). Worked til 6 am this morning, on the Internet phone with Korea. So much, and hope you love it.