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new Limwha ToMe..Im doomed

Mar 2, 2007

    1. I saw her this morning--Oh no!! I want her! What a tiny beauty. I'm dreading if he came out with a male companion for her, too. *sees my purse grow wings and fly far, far away**
    2. I saw her yesterday. I really like the sculpt wish it came in normal skin. I'm not into tanned resin so much. Catrina said it's regular resin not french. Limhwa does really nice detailed sculpts. The lighter tan may have my interest but the ultra limited has me worried on price
    3. I'm in love. That "skin" color is pretty much amazing, and I actually like the metallic touches to her make-up. I love Limhwa sculpts...this little beauty is a precious (and limited! ee-gads!) addition to the family *wistful sigh*
    4. Yeah Tinybear it's pretty horrible. She's so adorable, and I love my ToYou and she has nobody her size to play with, well you see where this is going!
      And she would look amazing in one of your wigs!
    5. Gosh, I want this gal! *_* I liked ToYou enough when she came out, but now in tanning skin?! I'm done for! *_*
    6. its her feet and hands too they blow me away

      ...looks around for my anti-buying more dolls kit

      ..and Orange bucket ...over my head ...fingers in my ears and sing lalalalalala very loud
      with the bucket on my head ...and fingers in the ears ..I cant see or hear ..do you think it will work ?
    7. Just a suggeston - you might want to call her Limhwa ToMe in the title of this thread and elsewhere because of DoA's 4-character search minimum - the smaller words would not work well with a wildcard search.

    8. is done :) :aheartbea
      so thats why I cant get it to turn things up :doh
    9. Yup, she's gorgeous, I reallyreally like her. Too bad ToYou is discontinued. Maybe if ToMe does well, ToYou will reappear in a different incarnation. :)
    10. I would love to adopt a tan version of the ToMe. Shes such a precious little lady but I havent even seen one of the lovely little ones in the normal resin lately either.
    11. Little ToYou was discontinued. I asked about her not too long ago, but there are no plans to re-release her, and there never were any tan ones. Maybe we should beg for them to make a few more because I would love to have one too.
    12. she never did come out did she ?
      shame ..I got to admit I did have a normal resin one ...but I just didnt take to her

      its a shame there arnt any more for those who want one
    13. I have several 1/6 size dolls now but she was one I really wanted. I was going through some life changes when she was released and had no money whatever to spend on dolls. Such is life, I guess. lol