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New Line Of Dolls From Planetdoll?

Sep 26, 2009

    1. Yes, I think he's been in the works for a little while now. You can see more (including a mini version!) under the heading "Work". Looks very promising!
    2. There is also clothing available, which is new, and a new link for wigs (though it isn't active yet).
    3. Does anyone know if they have or will have 27" mini riz boys at Planet Doll?

      Moonbeams and More
    4. They don't appear to be working on anything along those lines now. The boy is 45cm But, you never know. A lithe little tiny boy would be nice. Most tiny boys are a bit chubby to me.

      I didn't notice the clothes. It'll be nice to have clothes that'll surely fit PD bodies.
    5. If you look here, you can see a boy body they're working on that is apparently 28cm tall.
    6. :doh Sorry! I didn't see that. Well, I suppose there will be a boy in both sizes then. Have they showed the head sculpt for the tiny one yet? Or is the 28cm the sculpt being shown in the work section and not 45cm?
    7. The link for ordering him works. He will not be released until Monday because of a holiday, but you can order starting today.