new little serendipity?

Jan 2, 2006

    1. i was checking to see if they had updated pics of freyr and found a new little girl-she's adorable! she looks pocket fairy size? anyone have any more info?
    2. Oh so cute!!! Serendipity is SO stepping it up and listening to what the buyers want :) nude shots please!

      If you look on the site you can see that she has the cool new body design probly rotating swivel hips as she can do the kneeling legs to the side like the yo-sd's.

      Look in the gallery link to see the little one posing with the larger dolls!
    3. She is 13 cm high and pocket fairy is 14 cm to give us all an idea. It would be nice if they share clothing! The posing is going to be better then pocket fairy though as this doll has the new jointing system!