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New Ltd. Souldoll - Eckstine - Wizard

Apr 22, 2005

    1. The blue pattern looks like an odd choice for the clothing style (reminds me of jeans I keep seeing somehow), but kinda neat. I like the hat. Frilly.
    2. ..... back to the old souldoll look, I guess. ^^;;; I prefer Paris. Comeon, Imagined Paris - !! -_-;
    3. Well, he seems a little more stylized than Paris...I've been hunting through the Souldoll site and he seems like an original sculpt. Perhaps a more experienced eye can tell?

      Caro: Oh...I...I rather...adore him...Simon...he looks like a Simon...

      GJ: Yes, he's lovely. Those leaf-shaped eyes...they're a little close together...

      Caro: <affronted> Criticising Simon won't earn you love points with me. Besides...look at his nose.

      GJ: He's bitterly expensive.

      Caro: <cackles quietly>

      GJ: Uh....

      Caro: <humorously> Lose a few lattes. They are bad for you anyway.

      GJ: No...NO...NO ECKSTINE!

      Caro: <twinkles>
    4. I think Eckstine is the Barriel sculpt. There's only been a OOAK from this sculpt, if I remember correctly.

    5. The Barriel sculpt?

      Oh no...

      That's not good...

      And I just realized that he looks like a daft, fruity student of my favorite 19th-century wizards. Some mad Goethe-like soul who stepped right out of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Oh, why did I think of that? Oh no...backstory forming...began as a theoretical magician and was seduced, all unwilling, by the wonders of practical magic...named for Simon Magus...father of heresies...

      This is bad.
    6. **snickers** Looks like you beat me to posting about this guy. Ah well, that's what happens when I get email notices while off slaving over a hot grill at work.
    7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I Like him!!!!

      Clothes dont look very "wizardy" to me.. looks more like a cowboy style.. but hey I could lve with that.. after all its his face thats important to me!
    8. I've never been a fan of souldoll's facemolds (except maybe Paris, but not really...I mean...if I HAD to choose)...

      But, just out of curiosity, how tall are they?
    9. [Info]
      - skin : cream skin(not normal)
      - height : 60.5 cm
      - bust : 26 cm
      - waist : 21.5 cm
      - hip : 26.5 cm
      - foot : 7.9 cm

      Right off the website.

      Also, please see the Request forum. Hitasura and I did a big comparison of MSD dolls and SD sized dolls including Souldoll.
    10. I've just been informed by Souldoll (via their Q&A board) that Eckstine is indeed a new sculpt. I wonder if they'll release a basic version...that would be less expensive.

      Caro: :| <mumble mumble> --cheapskate.

      GJ: :o Caro Conure, do you have any IDEA how much he costs?

      Caro: True love does not care.

      GJ: This is not good.
    11. Not my style but pretty ^^
      I love his hat!
    12. just a reminder that since this dolls' outfit ALSO contains a swastika, that our forums rules have been updated, and just to remind people, since it's a new rule, not to discuss nazi debate, etc, here. No one has yet, thankyou.
    13. <sigh> Yeah, it took me awhile to notice that. IF I go for this boy, I will ask them to leave it off.
    14. i gotta start a fund so that when beautiful limiteds pop up i can get one. i love him. i can see a wizard in that, but then again I'm thinking a D&D wizard not typical fantasy wizard.
    15. GAH! I am in love with his nose! That's the boy-doll nose I've been looking for!!!!!

      ;-; General edition, puh-lease!! MY Clara may need a boyfriend and I think he fits the bill >XD
    16. Souldoll has responded to (apparently) a flood of emails regarding the Nazi symbol on Eckstine's clothing, most notably a brave and gently-worded comment from Ute Helena. Here's Souldoll:

      Well done, Souldoll.

      (Oh, Mandiiv: I love his nose too.)
    17. Wow, that's very good news!
    18. wow, that good of souldoll to do that.
    19. I think they've shown admirable sensitivity and courage. ^_^