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New Luts baby dolls?

Dec 4, 2004

    1. This was on the q&a board...regarding elf release dates...
      "Elf Lishe will be ready to take order from mid Dec.
      We are preparing a really tiny baby dolls and of coures a new faced Delf is waiting to be ready, too.

      This will be a exciting winter for all of us~! >_<"

    2. If you look on their site it now says:Luts- Cutie Delf In the menu... under Luts-delf and Luts-kid delf.

      Ooooh! I cant wait to see what they look like!

    3. Ooh, more tiny dolls~! Can hardly wait to see what they have.. Now I don't know what I want, so much to choose from. Must get a little doll to carry around.
    4. I'm still wondering what the "Fashion Delf" page will hold in store for us! I'm definitely a CP gal...

    5. Why the stores are doing this to us?? THEY ALL WANT TO KILL OUR MONEEEY XDDDD
      I love them for it o.o
    6. tiny ! tiny ! got to have !
      I like the tiny Volks too ,its so not fair!
    7. :D
      All of these new tiny dolls, and right as I've been getting really interested in getting a little 'un! I can't wait to see these Cutie Delf dolls!
    8. I hope the tiny dolls are in response to the BF Pocket Fairies. If it weren't for their outrageous shipping (and constantly being out of stock) I'd get one! That Yoko is such a cutie! :D

      I am SUCH a CP girl. Now, if only CP and Dollheart would combine forces, well, I could die happy. LOL

      I can't wait to see what these new babies look like. :)
    9. awww have to agree im a CP girl to thru and thru and wow if Dollheart and them got together way what a force....
    10. I am a CP whore as well ^_^;;;; They are being challenged by DOD though in terms of kid sized dolls, though these cutie delfs @_@ I can not wait to see what they'll be like!
    11. I was just on Luts and saw that, and the first thing i did was rush to DoA and check the news section. lol. I want to see pictures!! :D
    12. Oh No, more cuties for my already empty pocketbook :cry:
      I hope(crosses fingers) that Luts babies will be much cheaper than the PF and their shipping more reasonable. Can't wait to see the pics.
    13. noooooo, no moreeeeee, now i cant go onto the luts website or else i would be buying and buying and buying :| , but i probably log on to their site the next moment. damn it :grin:
    14. What is WITH all these new dolls?! *dies* They're trying to impoverish us! TOTALLY!

      Souldoll- 3 new boys.
      DoD- 4 new boys
      CP - Vampire heads, new boy and new line
      Volks - 2 new lines + SD16 on the way

    15. Pretty soon they're going to release so many that we become so impoverished that there may be a slump in sales...! Maybe then the prices would go down a wee bit. :oops: Here's hopin'!

      CP. *shakes fist* STOPPIT! >.< LET MY IMPOVERISHED SELF CATCH UP! So far I want ALL of their Delfs, sans Shiwoo and Ari. Their Kid Delfs are cute. And now... the little 'uns!? AAACK!

      I'm thinking Fashion Delf may be a line of the 12" dolls. No, I'm not positively sure, but when I saw that, it's kinda what plopped into my brain and sat. :grin:
    16. I so hope they are like the Pocket Fairy too !
      the small ones are my favorites !

      needs more cash !

      ......eyes her collection , !