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NEW LUTS/CP boy "Woosoo"

Apr 12, 2005

    1. I haven't had chance to update my website yet, but I just found out this morning that a new boy "Woosoo" by Cerberus Project TM & Luts. Photos can be seen on Luts website. (Ok, I probably found this out slower than a lot of people...)

      He is limited, total of 150 avaliable worldwide. I haven't heard this directly from CP, but I think he is a modified Chiwoo. The price is $600 plus shipping.

      Included is
      - Woosoo head with a boy body (18mm glass eyes)
      - Sleeping Vampire Head
      - Extra pair of Woosoo hands
      - Short black wig
      - a pair of black boots
      - 2 blankets

      No makeup is included.

      It seems like he is sold out on both Korean and eLuts website, and I'm not sure whether I can receive orders for him, or if I can, how many I can. I will update the information once I get from CP on my website and here, probably sometime between now and tomorrow night.

      I'm very sleepy at the moment because I woke up too early this morning... my apologies if this info has been posted already.

      : Liria :
    2. I'm sure that if you can get ahold of him, several people on the board would love you forever! :grin:
    3. I want his vampire head so badly. ;__;! How cute<3
    4. i think doogi said that he was a modified chiwoo in the Q & A section.
    5. If anyone finds out when the second round of Woosoo will be available, can they PLEASE post here? I'll watch this thread.

      I didn't realize they already sold the first round, and I missed him.
      I plan on selling the vamp head if I can get him, too.
    6. The date is up for the next WooSoo round....April 28.
    7. .....!!! Next quantities up in may!! I may just be able to afford one by then :D
      They must only be selling 50 at a time... no wonder they're selling out so quickly