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NEW!! LUTS Cutie Delf!!

Dec 18, 2004

    1. OMG! YAY! I've been so curious about these little guys!!!!
    2. aww makes grabby hands.. I want OMG she's a cutie alright... and I thought Id not buy any more dolls.... arghhh she has to be added to my list... my 1 ickle 1... little Tula Bell.. I need her ... humphhhhhnn

      *sigh* looks at unhealthy bank statement.... oh well.... starts the saving again....

    3. SO CUTE!
      I wonder how big she is ?
      she isnt on the English site yet?
    4. There's a link on their menu, but nothing there yet.

      Ah, maybe I can get her next month. SHE IS SO CUTE! I do wonder how big she is.
    5. Okay let me see, I used Worldlingo to translate it:

      - Her translated name is Maul li
      - She is limited to 80 pieces
      - She takes 14 mm eyes
      - She comes with the new LUTS Cutie sized shoes
      - slipping head (sleeping??)
      - and both hands (what ever this may mean)

      and her size will be put on the website on Monday

      So I hope that someone that can read Korean will translate it far better than this translator.

    6. She's really cute! Love those little hands :daisy
    7. eek! so adorable! but why must she be limited, AND adorable, AND wantworthy... too many beautiful dolls, not enough money. :crushed
    8. Cutie Delf is already out in the English site although there is no description of her yet so maybe they are still updating the site. Anyway, I think she is the same size as the Petite Ai, her shoes look similar to Valentine Raphael only it's is black and not white.

    9. She looks like a Petite Ai, I have to say. I'm kind of grateful, since I thought she was going to be Pocket Fairy sized = *wants*
    10. She looks almost exactly like my Petite Ai Gabriel. Has the same size eyes, so probably the same size body. My fingers ordered one before my brain engaged!!! Carol M
    11. LOL me too , I want another Tiny , Im torn between Pocket Fairy Peter , and another Elf
    12. Cutie delf description updated.
      My heartfull thnks to EbinCan3an, for so much help. :D
      I finished this translation well and send to the LUTS.
      Cutie delf's exact size is not announced yet, but very small and cute~!

      Cutie Delf Christmas event

      Celebrating the birth of Cutie Delf Mary.
      During the event period, Mary comes with 14mm Glass eyes, Sleeping head,
      a Pair of *Grabbing* hands,new Cutie sized shoes.
      She is limited worldwide to 80 pieces.

      *After this event, Mary's included with only Acrylic eyes(14mm) and the price is $240.00.
      (Sleeping head, Grabbing hands, and shoes are not included.) *

      With Mary, we are pleased to introduce Luts New Line of dolls, Cutie Delf.
      Model Design & Sculpted by: F.E.D.F (Far East Doll (Dream) Factory) / Fairyland.

      Our new line of Luts dolls are of high quality resin and able to hold their stance.

      For the first time, we developed an easy way to open and close the headcap,
      with One Touch System (11 system).
      Changing the doll's head now becomes easier and
      simple for everybody using Easy Ejecting System (22 system).
    13. This is surprising....so Cutie Delf is not by Cerberus Project like all the other Delf are? I hope CP will still continue to sculpt future dolls though...
    14. Wonder how tall she is , I cant find it anywere ?
    15. ** Body size **
      height : 26cm (10 1/4")
      weight : ??
      girth of head : 18cm
      girth of neck : 8cm
      length of shoulders : 7.3cm
      length of arm : 8cm
      elbow~wrist : 3.7cm
      girth of wrist : 4.3cm
      length of back : 4.7cm
      bust : 14cm
      waist : 13.3cm
      pelvis : 15.2cm *hips*
      hip~knee : 6cm
      knee~ankle: 4.5cm
      girth of ankle: 6.2cm
      foot: 4.4cm
      eyeball: 14mm
    16. thats great thanks :grin: