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NEW LUTS-DELF ART "Prince of Darkness" Shiwoo

Aug 5, 2005

    1. O___________O!!!!!!
      Omg does he have WINGS?!? It looks like he might have wings! *flails around*
      *Shakes Luts for more pics*

      He's cute, I can't wait to see more of him. ^^;
    2. How awesome! :D I hope more pics come soon, and in color.
    3. *looks around* Protect yourselves! They want to kill us! T______T Beauty overdoseee!
    4. :D *_* :chibi Shiwoo *____*
    5. OMG!!!
    6. can I have a nice, loud round of: omgwtfbbq?! hooooot! :D
    7. Ahh!! XD He's so handsome!!! A dark, kool Shiwoo prince!! <3 hope to see more photos of him soon, from luts.. XD
    8. whoa! i can't wait to see more pictures of him :)
    9. *eyes wallet* I don't think i'm ready for the hotness.
    10. Petya [Shiwoo Elf] (leaning back with a smirk and a sigh of gloating toward his mistress): What? You thought the El/WooSoo/Yder reign would last forever? Well, to quote *you,* my dear--Puh-leeze!"

      He's just so uber-fantastical, isn't he?!

    11. ...ohmygod...that is my kind of Shiwoo!! *fans self* I can't wait to see more pictures of him...he's just gorgeous!! Too bad I have next to nothing in the doll fund right now...boooooo...

      God I love Shiwoo. My first love from Luts!! lol
    12. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Nooooooo! :D:D:D

      My wallet is *so* not ready for this! :cry:

      Mutters to self: "I have a Shiwoo...I do not need another...I have a Shiwoo...I do NOT need another..."

      Me WANTS! Me NEEDS! My preciousss...

      Loki's Mom :(
      *thwacks piggy bank*

      How long 'til the 6th..?
    13. o__________________________o

      I wonder how fast I can get $650 saved up?

      *eyes car* Hrm....
    14. Er, if the other art delfs are anything to go by, it'll be almost twice that much. :(

      Sorry for the bad news. I'd love it if it were $650... I'd even forgo the Blue Fairy I want to buy him (since I've had that money saved up for some time now...).

      Loki's Mom
    15. 8/6.....TOMORROW!!! :o

      $650? really?@?!? :: wants to grab ::
    16. mmm me thinks he will be more like $1000 to $1200.00 as thats around wat the arts go for.. and wow worth it...

      sigh... have pennies :grin: but no pounds :(

    17. Oh wow he looks stunning :o
    18. mweeeeeee! Lookit the wiiiiiings! XD Although... er, that leopard-print top is a bit... ehehe. :oops: I'm looking forward to more pictures. I wonder who will manage to snap him up?
    19. Wish they would make outfits (and wigs!) like that separately...well, maybe sans the leopard print. =^.^=;;