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May 23, 2005

    1. Aaarrgghhhh.... You just made me spill my morning coffee!!

      That's him, isn't it? The one who's release we've been waiting for? This one:



      He is GORGEOUS!!

    2. :o

      He's *perfect*, he's like El without the smirk! He'd be the most perfect shy younger brother to El!

      Wow just wow
    3. Doogi said this boy is coming out around June.
      The new boy on eLUTs doest look like him to me, because of his mouth. o_O

      Anyway, the new boy is very lovely, but not my type. Lol
    4. The picture files are called "RyuWoon". His name?

    5. That could be it! Luts always names their files very helpfully lol.

      And maybe he looks different because the makeup (mouth) is such a different style? The eyes and nose and head shape seem the same.. Hummmm.
    6. I think he looks like a perfect older brother to soo! There's something in his face, especially the eye and nose shape.... veeery pretty!
    7. I think he is the boy we've been waiting on. Sure there are a few differences, but here's how I explain those:

      The boy we saw previously was a prototype, 'RyuWoon' is the finished version. There are bound to be slight differences from initial design to final vision right?

      Regardless, he's gorgeous. Damn...first WooSoo and now this! CP has a grip around my wallet...like a VICE!!! Hello ramen, how I have missed thee! lol
    8. Oh, and sorry about that coffee! lol
    9. I know...I saw him earlier...he's so beautiful. I just ordered my El, and....I still prefer the El headmold, but I really selfishly hope that my friend gets him so I can see him....
    10. o damn! that puts a kink in my plans. now i have another doll i need to save up for!!! I will wait and see more pictures of him when other people get him to make sure i want him.
    11. I think it IS him. they may have changed him a bit. but it lookslike it might be him
    12. It's definitely him. It's just a different style of makeup. If you look veeery closely at the new boy's lips, the shape is the same, they're just not painted as darkly. It's him.
    13. his lips look longer because they've used dark lines to slightly elongate them, and thinner because of the natural makeup. And without the dark eyebrows and eyemakeup, and with his worried expression, he looks a bit different. But I thinks its the same headmold, the eye and nose shape are identical. Also, there aren't any pictures of the new boy looking up like he is in the preview picture, which makes the mouth shape look different. Faces always look a little frownier when they're looking up.
    14. O_o *drools*

      Now finally I've found the perfect headmold for Deiizen ^___^...
      ..... -_- Hopefully Erin-chan will agree ^^;;
    15. Well, I asked Doogi about the boy and the new boy...
    16. *crosses fingers that they make a dreaming head*
    17. omg i need him, Amara needs him to be hers ^_^
    18. *crossesfingers and hopes he's not going to be alimited like wooshoo*