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New Luts glass eyes (18mm) o__o!

Feb 9, 2008

    1. Wandering around on luts, i just found that they've got a plethora of new 18mm pupilless glass eyes in stock. like. 34 different colors. And since i didnt see anything else around here about them, i figured it'd be nice to point them out for anyone interested =]

    2. oh my god, gorgeous eyes! Do you know if they'll be released in other sizes?
    3. no idea. They're just sitting there, only 18mms. Although they do all say "ver 1", so its possible there'll be more? no clue though. ^^;
    4. A big deal more expensive too, if I may add!
      These new pupil less eyes are going for $37 per pair.
      I do hope they'll release new sizes, though! (: