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New Luts Kid Delf BOY

Mar 30, 2005

    1. eeee he is quite cute....

    2. I just wish I could dress him in darker colours, like the girl's promo pics. Maybe someday ^^ Really beautiful head.
    3. Hello beautiful!
      *in love like woah*
    4. Ohhh, he's so mature looking!
      :D :D
    5. He's very handsome ... though, something about him reminds me too much of Dollmore Dean.

    6. XD It looks to me like Nara got an older brother and sister! Gah, they would make awesome siblings
    7. That's the first thing I thought of too. XD
    8. pretty boy!!! :o :chibi
    9. Ditto, I think he's beautiful, but would be even more so with darker make-up. :chibi
    10. I was about to post the same thing. ;oD Maybe it's the pose or something. At the very least he looks like he's related to Dean.

      Loki's Mom
      <so when are they releasing a new elf? ;o)>
    11. me too XDD, i think it has something to do wif the eyes and smile *_*
      i want them to release the new boy ><
    12. That outfit... :D It makes him look like quite the fairy-tale prince charming!
    13. Ditto the Dean-ness. Mouth, nose, eyes, and shape of the chin are all VERY Dean, methinks. :D
    14. is it me or is one eyes makeup way lighter and pinkier than the other :?

      Kinda cute but i think the girl looked nicer imo!
    15. Oh look! It's Lucius from the movie "Gladiator"---looks just like him! He's a sweety...and so is that new Peakswoods boy head I saw floating around on the list....hee...floating...he has no body yet! :wink:
    16. Doh! I *thought* I was logged in...seems it took me back out! That was me.... 8)
    17. Hey, they've finally given him (but not the girl) a name! He's Kid Delf An, which is close to Ani, whom he looks nothing like.
    18. *resurrects this thread* Yay! I ordered An :D
      BTW Is Dean by Rainman? Because An is too, so maybe that's why.