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New LUTS Limited dolls Choco & Choux

Jun 22, 2011

    1. Not sure if anyone's posted this yet. But LUTS have announced the arrival of two limited dolls.
      Their names are Choco and Choux and it appears that they'll be sold together.

      I'm not sure of the sell dates though because they say 23rd-22nd June... I'm sure that'll be cleared up.


    2. Oh gosh they are adorable! And being sold as a pair only?
    3. No, Honey Delfs Choco and Choux have been selling seperately for a long time now^^.
    4. At the bottom of the page, under the stated fact that make-up and outfit aren't included unless chosen as an option, it says "be allowed to split doll" or whatever lol. So I'm assuming you can in fact purchase the limiteds separately? Or am I over looking something?
    5. Is there any news on how these limited dolls are different from the basics? I have looked around on the luts page but am unable to determine how they are "limited" other than their outfits, which are optional and would cost more anyway. Thanks.
    6. They have different faceups, combine that with the limited outfits and that's pretty much the only thing that makes them different from a regular release (as far as I can tell).
    7. They also come with extra hands that don't seem to be sold separately.
    8. Anyone know why it seems that only the blue outfit is available for both dolls? Choux's the one in pink, but her outfit option says blue as well. :o
    9. I just look at Luts' site, you can choose pink outfits for Choux.